My Obsession with Mustaches #movember

Not sure where to begin about this problem of mine. Here we go: My name is Himani and I’m a Mustachcoholic. I love mustaches, and I don’t mean it like I them on my man (Oh dear, did I just say my man?). I mean I have a strange urge to wear mustaches, or have them be displayed on my clothing. I want to buy mustache stickers, mustache shaped notepads, heck, I’ll even eat mustache shaped candy. If amazon sells it, I will buy it.

So instead of seeking therapy for this problem of mine, my goal is to convince the rest of the world that mustaches are awesome! If you love mustaches even half as much as much as I do, you should sport some of the following goodies with pride. I know I will. Check it:

mustache ring

This phenomenal Mustache Ring riles up the fashionista inside me. For only $49, your hand can look as cool as the one above!

mustache coffee mug

Get your latte on in this Mustastic Cup.

Mustache Christmas Ornament

One of the best holidays of the year is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than by decorating your Christmas tree with some Mustachey Ornaments.

My Stache Money Jar

Start saving some money in a whimsical way. The “My Stache” jar is just what you need to save up for that vacation you’ve been wanting to take or the TV you want before Superbowl, or just to save $$ in general. We are in a recession after all!

mustache pillowcase set

Cuddle with a comfy mustache while you sleep. Hipsterify your bed with this mustacherific pillowcase set for $34

mustache bandaids

Fix your boo-boo’s with these AMAZING band aids. I must obtain these ASAP. The frequency at which I hurt myself only means that I must get these in bulk. They’re only $7 at but I need to find out if they sell a big pack at Costco!

And November, or shall I say Movember, is one month where I don’t feel like a weirdo admitting my love for this furry accessory. That is why you should take a moment to check out Movember. They help raise awareness for men’s health issues such as Prostate Cancer. We all have some awesome men in our lives, I know I do. So instead of growing a mustache out of my own (my boyfriend is thankful for this), I am hoping I can get a few dudes to maybe grow one out this November to support the dudes in their lives. If messing with your grooming habits is something you’re not ready for, you can also show your support by making a donation. Ready, set, Go!

I leave you with this outstanding picture of Me, My fellow blogger Raji & Our mustaches on Halloween 2 weeks ago. Mustaches4Eva

Mario and Luigi Halloween 2011

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