Hollywood’s New Fall Trend: Divorce?!

Ashton demi wedding picture nuptial ceremony photo

Damn Kim Kardashian even make’s divorces fashionable!

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher to file for divorce?? According to TMZ.com reports it’s true:

put in quotes: Demi Moore “I’m divorcing Ashton Kutcher” and the reason? Cheating ..

Oh Ashton, did you really need to put your two and a half men in someone else?? It’s Demi Freakin’ Moore – you do not cheat on her!!!

Let’s stay tuned to see what unfolds here folks ..

demi and ashton mrs kutcher tweet parody zuckerburg tweet

Good Shoe Karma

Good Shoe Karma is a blessing for online shoppers like me. 95% of my shopping is done online so if the shoe fits, it’s time to celebrate! In this case, it’s time to blog. Check out my fierce-finds in the month of November all under $50!

‘Tis the season of Bootie Continue reading

Swab Me for SuperAmit! The Bone Marrow Race.

Raji, why do you always tweet about helping SuperAmit? What is a SuperAmit, for that matter? And why do you keep saying how easy it is get swabbed for the National Bone Marrow Registry?

Amit Gupta CEO Photojojo

For starters, Super Amit is not an evolved Superman (or is he?). In short, he’s a young South Asian entrepreneur, and the founder of PhotoJojo who happened to be diagnosed by Acute Leukemia. For those of you familiar with the road to recovery, it involves vigorous chemotherapy treatments, and then in most cases bone marrow transplant. There are many assumptions about the entire bone marrow process, to which our answer is do some research and get your own answers. In fact SuperAmit even has a special FAQ section on his blog that helps answer those questions and more.

Why the rush? Why so many drives? Aren’t there already enough people swabbing?

I’m going to make this very, very simple. There are a lot of people in the world. 7 billion, Continue reading

Drake has definitely Pretty Pleased us

Sexy Drake

Me and my fellow blogger Raji, love love love Drake. And we heart his new album, Take Care. It’s been on repeat for me since it leaked launched. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should get on it ASAP.

Drake Take Care Spotify

Meow! Lion Louboutins, anyone?

Christian Louboutin Paw Print Roar Alex Pump Hiheels

If shoe’s could talk, we’d all be in trouble. Whereas some pairs might have more mundane lives, I know there are some pairs out there that would answer questions like “Where did she come from?” or “Where did she REALLY come from?”.

This pair simply screams “I AM LIONESS, HEAR ME ROAR!”. Meet the newest Hollywood Rage, the Christian Louboutin Alex lion paw shoe. Whether they signify the calculatingly sexy walk of a lioness, or the agile footing Continue reading

My Obsession with Mustaches #movember

Not sure where to begin about this problem of mine. Here we go: My name is Himani and I’m a Mustachcoholic. I love mustaches, and I don’t mean it like I them on my man (Oh dear, did I just say my man?). I mean I have a strange urge to wear mustaches, or have them be displayed on my clothing. I want to buy mustache stickers, mustache shaped notepads, heck, I’ll even eat mustache shaped candy. If amazon sells it, I will buy it.

So instead of seeking therapy for this problem of mine, my goal is to convince the rest of the world that mustaches are awesome! If you love mustaches even half as much as much as I do, you should sport some of the following goodies with pride. I know I will. Check it: Continue reading

Versace for the 99% Coming to a H&M Store Near You in Ten Days

Hallelujah! Versace for the 99%! Can’t wait to own a piece of my own without spending thousands of dollars. The much-anticipated collection will be hitting select stores on November 19th, 2011. I’ve gone through the entire collection, and while some piece look like Donatella flew over the cuckoo’s nest, the others are absolutely to die for. Here are my picks of few items that I would love to get my hands on from the collection: Continue reading

Color Blocking 101 [video]

The Color Wheel

If you’re like us at all, then color blocking stresses you out. We want to be hip with it for fall, but it’s hard to charter into unfamiliar territory without knowing the basics. Miss Kitty from Minneapolis is here to help! She has created a super cute and useful video about color blocking. Rather than just spitting theory at you, she gives practical advice with examples! And the best part is that her secret to color blocking is Continue reading

Short Hair? Don’t Care!

Long Hair, don’t care? I have to admit, I stopped caring for my long hair over about a month ago. I had a fling with the California Indie-hair phenomenon, ombre - where I had lighter tips and darker roots. It was cute for a while, until I realized how terribly damaged the ends of my hair looked and felt. I have rather manageable hair, but the dried roots had began to take their toll.

I’m not going to lie, for a long while, I was loving the slightly curled/wavy Kim Kardashian look, but with all the bad publicity surrounding her divorce (and my damaged locks), I was ready for a change. Not a drastic change, but a good change. Continue reading

So…it’s no joke that we love pretty nails and toesies!

Manicured Nails Mermaid Tears OPI Fresh Nailpolish

Full View

So .. it’s no joke that we love pretty nails and toesies! So whenever we have an ultra-FAB shade, we’ve decided to share. Why because SEXY loves company .. and it’s our way of doing our good deed of the day.

Mermaid Tears by OPI, was amongst the selection I had available to me when I got my nails done last week. I opted for this, compared to my regular shade of bubblegum pinks and bright oranges. Why? My nail lady said it was a color that complimented all hand shades, and that I’d love it. Continue reading

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