Swab Me for SuperAmit! The Bone Marrow Race.

Raji, why do you always tweet about helping SuperAmit? What is a SuperAmit, for that matter? And why do you keep saying how easy it is get swabbed for the National Bone Marrow Registry?

Amit Gupta CEO Photojojo

For starters, Super Amit is not an evolved Superman (or is he?). In short, he’s a young South Asian entrepreneur, and the founder of PhotoJojo who happened to be diagnosed by Acute Leukemia. For those of you familiar with the road to recovery, it involves vigorous chemotherapy treatments, and then in most cases bone marrow transplant. There are many assumptions about the entire bone marrow process, to which our answer is do some research and get your own answers. In fact SuperAmit even has a special FAQ section on his blog that helps answer those questions and more.

Why the rush? Why so many drives? Aren’t there already enough people swabbing?

I’m going to make this very, very simple. There are a lot of people in the world. 7 billion, last time I checked. The odds of finding an exact bone marrow match are slim – anywhere from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 20,000 for South Asians, compared to 8 out 10 in Caucasians. So like I said slim, but not impossible. Chances are, there probably is a match for Amit, a match for those in need somewhere. The obstacle is to find that match, and to find it fast – the more drives, the larger the database, and better chances at finding a match; hence setting up drives to get the bone marrow show on the road.

Bone Marrow Drive Pamphlet Photos

But honestly .. the process just seems too complicated.. Doesn’t it take like a few hours?


To prove to you how easy it is, I took an ordinary human being: my co-blogger, Himani, and had her take a photo tutorial for everyone to see how easy it is to get swabbed. So, get to it Himani!

Step 1: Order your kit by joining Marrow.Org

Bone Marrow Cotton Swabs and Stickers

2. Label all cotton swabs with the appropriate labels, and read through all guidelines to ensure proper swabbing!

Bone Marrow Donor Demonstration

3. Swab in 4 places with the 4 cotton swabs.

- Inside cheek, upper right

- Inside cheek, lower right

- Inside cheek, upper left

- Inside cheek, lower left

(stay with me)

Bone Marrow Swabbing Inside of Cheek

4. Arrange the cotton swabs appropriately, and return the samples in the self-addressed envelope provided by Marrow.org

Bone Marrow Donor Swabbing

envelope self addressed to national bone marrow registry

See? Easy peasy! Also, if you’d rather go in person, make sure to check out AmitGuptaNeedsYou.com for an up to date list of bone marrow drives all around the nation (and world!). Getting swabbed at a drive takes a matter of minutes!

bone marrow drive volunteers get swabbedbone marrow drive volunteers get swabbed

South Asian friends, in efforts to help Amit and others, please also check out AADP.org & SamarInfo.org to see how you can help! Our community is lacking in registry numbers, let’s change that! Cheers!

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