The Mitten Motto

Why do we love mittens/glittens/gloves?

A. ‘Mitten’ rhymes with ‘Kitten’

B. Mittens are the hottest new fall/winter accessory

C. They keep those gorgeous manicured hands warm.

D. All of the above.

If you chose A, you know these bloggers LOVE kittens, and therefore anything that rhymes with the word is a plus! Shoutout to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” for their homage to Kitten Mittens.

If you chose B, you are a FASHIONISTA in the making. Whether you throw on a fingerless pair of mittens with some cute jewelery

or simply want to show off your new manicure:

you probably are ALREADY rocking this fall trend! Pat yourself on your sexy back!

If you chose C, you’re a practical zenmaster, and you know the value of keeping warm, fashionably!

If you chose D, all of the above, you know us far too well. So grab a pair of mittens, and flaunt your fall/winter style! Don’t be afraid to throw some personality into the crochet either, have some fun with this lovely accessory!

Mellow Yellow!

Hello Mitty!

Koala Love!

Fuzzy Knits

Holiday Green!

Dress Up with Some Lace!

Beautiful Blue!

Thanks to for their amazing selection!


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