Awesome iPhone Cases that are Great White Elephant/Secret Santa Presents

The Holiday Party Season is upon us. The invites to all the Secret Santa and White Elephant parties are pouring in and your goal is to have the coolest, most awesomest gift at the party. You know what your gift should be- an awesome iPhone case!

Anyone who’s anybody has an iPhone these days (Sorry, Android folks). And they love it so much that they would do anything to protect it. Enter the iPhone case. On one hand it covers and hides the beauty of the gorgeous product that is the iPhone; On the other hand it protects it from scratches and cracks. So if using an iPhone case is the only way to protect and shield, then why not make sure those cases are outstanding.

Check out these glorious iPhone cases we found for your gifting pleasures all under $40!

Lady Gaga Equation iPhone case for the Little Math Monsters. PAWS UP.

Lady Gaga Equation Bad Romance Cool iPhone Case

The “I miss my Walkman” Cassette Tape iPhone case

Retro Cassette iphone case

Zack Morris wannabe 80s iPhone case

Awesome zack morris 80s iphone case

“3 drinks away from drunk dialing” Bottle Opener iPhone case

Beer bottle opener iPhone case

Etch a sketch  iPhone case

etch a sketch iphone case

Retro Camera iPhone case for all the photography enthusiasts

retro camera iphone case

NES controller iPhone case

NES video game controller iphone case

And the winner of the Cutest casecover award goes to..The iPhone Hoodie

iPhone iPod Hoodie

Merry Early Christmas! There’s a mini Santa in all of us =)

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