Curls, Curls, Curls, Curls .. Curls I Do Adore

So put your number on this paper cuz I would love to date ya holla at ya when I come on tour ..

curly hair big curly waves volume side bangs side swept up big hair curly beautiful thick hair curling iron

Fine. Jay-Z was rappin about girls in our favorite song “Girls, Girls, Girls“. But we bet Beyonce’s big, bouncy, curls had a little something to do with Mr. Carter making her his wifey! Curls are sexy. There’s no doubting that. They give you volume, an extra bounce in your step, and they’re flirty.

curly hair big curly waves volume side bangs side swept up big hair curly beautiful thick hair curling iron

Allow me to reintroduce myself.. My name is Raji. I am LAY-Z. I love it when my hair looks nice, and I don’t have to do too much work. Straight hair is nice, but it is BORING sometimes. Curly sue curls aren’t my thing either. I’m a fan of big curls with tons of volume. This is what I did to get the look in the picture I took of myself above:

1. I blow-dried all of my hair, and brushed it with a round brush. Brushing your hair will get the volume going.

2. Grabbed a Revlon curling iron (Only $20 from!), heat it up for at least 3-5 minutes on the top setting

revlon curling iron big curling iron small wavy spiral curling iron big barrel small barrel

3. I then parted my hair into separate sections and wrapped every individual section on the curling iron, you can use different curling irons for different texture or stick to the barrel of your choice. You need to hold for approx. 15-20 seconds, and let go of your lock.

4. After it’s all done, hairspray or use your product of choice to smooth out your curls. My favorite curl holding product is ‘Curl Concious Foam’ by Bumble & Bumble.

bumble & bumble curl conscious foam hair styling hairspray curl items bouncey curls volumizing curl products

5) Lastly, wink at yourself in the mirror, finger comb through your curls, and head out the door with some Beyonce Swag!

P.S. This hairstyle took me about 15 minutes flat!

EASY PEASY! Try it out, and show us your sexed up curly hair! Work those locks, kitten! Xoxo!

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