Mistletoe Love: 5 Sexy Places to Kiss Her This Holiday

This time of year, mistletoe’s (make your own mistletoe HERE) randomly spring up in doorways, signifying an opportunity to lock lips. How romantic .. how sweet .. how .. boring? Personally, I do believe a kiss on the lips is passionate, but come on people – get inventive, the New Year is right around the corner! There are also SO so SO many different ways to kiss! Kiss some new spots on your significant other! Need suggestions?

mistletoe picture mistletoe kiss christmas plant under the mistletoe In no particular order, here are our top 5:


romantic kiss on forehead places to kiss mistletoe beautiful romance man woman kissing

There is something beyond comforting about being kissed on the forehead. Maybe it signifies that everything will be alright, maybe it just throws us back to our childhood when our moms kissed us when we had boo-boos. Kiss her on her forehead when under the mistletoe, show her you care about her, express that you own her, you love her, and you want to kiss no one under the mistletoe than her.


kissing neck hickey cuddling necking kiss on neck places to kiss mistletoe

There is nothing sexier than a man breathing on a girls neck. It seems as though this kiss usually leads to a whole hell of a lot more. Hickeys are cute. Don’t get so caught up in this erogenous region that you end up leaving a picture of a map of Asia on your girlfriend. There’s some things curling irons just can’t explain. Simply just nuzzle against your significant other, and give them a sweet kiss.


beautiful feet manicured kissing feet places to kiss mistletoe

Guys, sometimes toes need love too. I think there’s nothing sexier than for a man to grab his ladies foot, and give it a little kiss!

Think of it, you want a man to literally cherish the ground you walk on right? Right!

If a guy isn’t even willing to kiss your foot, I’d say ditch him PRONTO. The right man should be able to give you a foot rub when tired, and if that means cherishing your pretty feet with some love, then so be it! Ladies, let’s please make sure your pedicured up with nice toes at all times! Give that man some enticement!


Why do us girls find this endearing? Because first of all, if we’re allowing you anywhere into the “under the shirt” region, there has to be a comfort level there. Second of all, so many beautiful ladies everywhere feel so concious of their figure and weight, why not kiss her to show her how beautiful you find her? It’s a great way to show her that you love every single part of her, even the part she goes to the gym to get rid of daily.

man kissing stomach man kisses pregnant belly beautiful places to kiss mistletoe

Bonus: If she’s expecting, PLEASE kiss the home of your baby! As if this picture doesn’t exude love?


Call me old’fashioned, but I love a good gentleman. The guy who pulls your chair out for you, the guy who holds your door open for you while you walk through, the guy who walks you into his car, and makes sure to close your door behind you. This is the same guy who showers you with tons of attention and constantly makes eye contact with you, and is likely to use the mistletoe not to attack your mouth, but who romantically grabs your hand and kisses it. Yes, this is Prince Charming, and if someone finds him, send him our way. We want to see if this mythical creature exists!

romantic kiss on the hand mistletoe places to kiss beautiful love man kissing woman

So go on, kiss and tell! Enjoy our suggestions and make some good mistletoe kisses!

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