New Year’s Eve Outfits: The Night Boys Turn Into Men

I’m sexy and I know it ..

Boys .. Boys .. Boys .. it’s NEW YEARS FREAKIN’ EVE! Or about that time .. time for you all to get suited, booted, and dressed up. We here at Pretty Please are all for our guys looking good .. if we could, we’d go shopping with each and every one of you, but for now, we’ve compiled some looks and items to help you compile your New Years Eve Swag – err look! We have suggestions for our favorites below, so read and go shop!

Vests & Bowties

David Beckham Fashion Clothing Bowtie Vest Trendy Outfit Dressed Up New Years Outfits

New Years Eve is the perfect time to bust out formal pieces, such as vests and bowties, and work them into your look for the evening. The beauty of these pieces is that you can dress them up with the tuxedo look, and you can dress them down, as David Beckham does in the above picture, sans the blazer.

If you’re looking for a trendy bow-tie, check out All Saints where you can see some snazzy bowties like the one below:

bowtie all saints fashionable outfit new years mens fashion casual dressed up formal

American Apparel also has a wide array of bow ties, luckily in every color imaginable, so if you’re looking to add a splash of color to your ensemble, check out this rack.

(That’s what she said)

bowties bowties bowties american apparel multi colored bowties red green blue black yellow orange plaid bowties mens fashion new years formalwear

Vest with a tie, formal but understated- which can be found all over Nordstroms:

vests and tie mens fashion formal wear new years outfits mens outfits casual

Or dress up your vest with a leather jacket:

mens fashion justin timberlake vests new years guys outfits dressed up clothing for men formal wear

(Moment of silence, while we fully check out JT again)

Skinny Ties – Trendy Ties – Nice Ties 

One thing you definitely want to do is dress your outfit up with either a bowtie, or if you’re not feeling the bow tie look that we love this season, go for the equally sexy Skinny tie, like this one from Diesel. Skinny tie’s tend to complete the blazer-vest-button up combo, and they can look formal or casual depending on how you dress them up. Don’t want to break the bank? Check out Macy’s where we found some solid skinny ties for as low as $23!

skinny ties black skinny ties formal wear mens fashion dressed up casual skinny tie

Combat Gent also offers a huge array of ties, formal enough to wear under a tux, but trendy enough to rock this New Years Eve! The wizards behind Combat Gent relish the fact that their clothing is perfect for the corporate America man, yet still fashionable. So for those heading from the office, check out these threads!

combat gentleman ties multicolored formal wear mens fashion mens everyday wear

Blazers We Would LOVE to See Boys In

Public Service Announcement: The key with blazers, before we go any further is the FIT. We urge you guys, men of all shapes and sizes, to understand the importance of well fit men’s clothing. Baggy clothing is so 2000 and LATE. Fit clothing makes you look more manly, and gets us more gaga. We want to see the frame of our man, and we wanna see it NOW.

Grey is the New Black:

Scott Disick mens fashion blazers trim fit clothing for men new years eve formal casual wear

joseph gordan levitt blazer casual grey blazer skinny fit formal wear casual mens outfits

Milliner Blazer – Dress it up with the casual look - available here

milliner blazer mens new years outfits clothing mens fashion formal wear black blazer

Keep It Simple – Regular Cut Blazer

simple blazer to wear out formal night new years eve outfits for men mens fashion clothing guys


This one too, is all about the fit. Whereas baggy used to be so wonderfully sexy in all the rap videos we grew up watching and emulating, the current trend is all related to the fit. Even if you have a bigger frame, finding something more fitting can only enhance your body shape, as opposed to accentuating it with even more baggier clothes. You may want to invest in some classic black trousers to complete your outfit such as these from All Saints:

black skinny pants trousers casual tuxedo mens pants clothing mens fashion

Zara is also another hotspot to find some reasonably priced trousers!

Blazers and Jeans – Casual and Always a Win!

sacha dhawan clothing mens fashion blazer look new years outfit formal wear

Sacha Dhawan, Manmeet from Outsourced, rocks this blazer and jeans look.

Different Colored Blazers – Stand Out in a Crowd!

scott disick mens clothing wearing a suit tuxedo navy blue outfit how to dress up nicely mens wear

For more Dress Shirts, check out Nordstroms, Macy’s, All Saints, and even your own closet!

Last tip: Keep it RELAXED & Keep it COMFORTABLE! New Year’s Eve you’re going to be dancing till you drop, and then kissing her on the lips! So whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable, and wear it with confidence! Hope this helps guys!

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