Bang Bang Bang: Clip On Bangs & Extensions for a New Fringe

BANG BANG BANG! And we are not the fireworks you heard on New Year’s Eve folks .. or a lyric from a rap song ..

Zooey Deschanel Joseph Gordan Levitt blunt bangs long black hair short black hair brown hair haircut with bangs layers with side swept bangs hairdos with bangs short hairstyles long hairstyles with bangs how to do hair with bangs clip on bangs clip in hair extensions

Bangs are hot, and the ‘500 Days of Summer‘ Hottie, Zooey Deschanel proves it in the above photo. They are also scary as all hell. We have always fantasized with the idea of cutting our hair and getting blunt, forward facing bangs. Then, we wake up and realize we also have commitment issues.


I’m sorry what? You wanna bang –

Ahem, yes. We foresee a trend of Clip On Bangs becoming a lot more common in 2012. Starlets across Hollywood already are familiar with this rage. How do you think Kim Kardashian sported these bangs with her skin tight white dress on New Years Eve 2012?

Kim Kardashian Bangs White Dress New Years Eve Outfit Dress 2012 Kim Kardashian Post Divorce Outfits Glamorous Outfits Clip On Bangs Clip In Hair Extensions Kim Kardashian Wears Clip on hair

(Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/

And whether you love her or hate her, Jessica Simpson’s entrepreneurial inner diva has teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves to develop their line of clip on hair bangs, wigs, extensions for QVC.

Jessica Simpson Ken Paves Clip On Hair Bangs Hair Extensions Clip In Hair extensions how to wear clip on bangs how to wear clip in hair how to use extensions blonde extensions brunette extensions jessica simpson for qvc

Priced at $35 (price ranges vary from $15 – $100+ elsewhere) through QVC, you can select through a variety of shades such as Light Golden Blonde like Jessica’s or darker shades such as Medium Red Brown or Dark Brown or Black. If you can’t decide, you can go one shade darker or lighter, for a textured color look. Search for bangs here.

Another reason we love these bangs? They are EASY.

That’s What She Said.

How to clip on bang extensions how to insert clip on hair extensions how to use extensions on hair how to use fake hair for bangs clip on bangs clip in bangs

All you have to do is find bangs that match your hair, clip in, and style your fringe accordingly. Also make sure to take Kim’s tip! The glamorous diva knows a thing or two when it comes to style.

Kim Kardashian fake bangs clip on bangs clip in bangs clip in hair extensions brown hair extensions how to use clip on hair extensions straight black hair with bangs blunt bangs haircut with bangs

Dying to try this look out right away? Run over to the nearest Urban Outfitters and pick up a pair of clip on bangs for $30!

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  1. xobeksxo

    January 10, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I would never have a natural fringe because my hair’s too wavy – maybe a fake bang is the answer?! Never knew they existed!

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