Get Organized: The Bathroom Edition

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If I kept tabs on the time I spend in different rooms in my house, I bet my bathroom would be in the top 3! (For tips to organize your own room click here!) The time I spend doing my hair, makeup, deciding on and rejecting outfits definitely adds up. So why do I spend that time in a messy area where it takes me at least 2-3 minutes untangling cords, kicking things out of the way, etc. WHYYY?!

Enter New Years Resolution to organize my life! I want to stop wasting time looking for things that always seem to be lost, and instead spend that time, oh I don’t know, reading a book or writing more blog posts =p

Here are 3 things I’ll be doing to pimp out my bathroom. Xzibit would be so proud.

1. Organize your Hair Tools

curling irons wires orgaznied bathroom cupboard PVC pipes DIY do it yourself organized bathroom

We love curling our hair! Using PVC pipes to organize our curling irons and their perspective cords would be great, if I knew where you even get PVC pipes or how you cut them to the right size! Until I marry Joe the Plumber or Bob The Builder, I’ll shelf this idea and move onto a simpler DIY solution such as fastening some hooks to the inside of the cabinet door to hold a hair dryer and/or a flat iron:

hooks to hang hair dryer and straightner

Or if you’d rather purchase one of the following Racks for your bathroom, then more power to you honey boo boo child!

The Hair Care Rack – $10.99:

Bathroom rack for hairdryer straightener hair care rack

Over the Cabinet Blow dryer holder – $7.99:

over the cabinet blow dryer holder organized bathroom

Wall Mount Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Holder- $12.99:

Wall Mount Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Holder organized bathroom

You can also find some other designs at

Alright, enough about hair tools and the drama they cause in my life. Moving on.

2. Hide your dirty laundry!

Hanging Laundry Bag hamper DIY bathroom organized

Get your dirty laundry out of your bedroom and off of your bathroom floor! Get a hanging laundry bag and keep the dirty stuff out of your way forever! You can make one or buy one here.

3. Listen to your favorite songs on your iPhone & Charge it in the bathroom without getting it dirty. Win-win.

iphone holder for the bathroom listen to music charge your iphone in the bathroom without getting it dirty or wet

One thing I love to do when I’m getting ready is to pump my self up! And the best way to do that is to put on my favorite playlist on Spotify and just have a blast with me, my playlist and my makeup! But one thing I hate more than draining my iPhone battery before a night out is getting makeup/hairspray/water on my iPhone. Gross. Enter Holder for charging cell phone & at the same time listening to music. Now I know that DIY projects aren’t for the faint of heart so if you’d just like to purchase a similar, already constructed, iPhone holder, visit this link.

Happy organizing!

Photo: Houzz, artist websites, house of turquoise, Martha Stewart

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  3. viv

    April 10, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    very helpful post! thanks for the organization tips and resources. going to try to purchase a hair dryersolution now!


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