My January Haul Review birchbox january haul what is a birchbox what is in a birchbox zoya nailpolish in megan lara uber bar peanut butter chocolate chip bar befine night cream vmv hypoallergenics eye serum what was in the january birchbox haul juicy couture scent sample

I got my January Birchbox!!!! As promised, I’ll be sharing my reviews about my Birchbox haul! My December review got a lot of good feedback, and I think I turned a couple of you readers into Birchbox believers. January is my birthday month, and so when I saw a new Birchbox in my mail, I just felt birthday fuzzies all over again. birchbox january haul what is a birchbox what is in a birchbox zoya nailpolish in megan lara uber bar peanut butter chocolate chip bar befine night cream vmv hypoallergenics eye serum what was in the january birchbox haul juicy couture scent sample


1) Zoya Nailpolish in Megan

Since I am obsessed with nail polish, my eyes had a joygasm. Within about 3 seconds, I had painted my thumbnail with this color, admired it, and proceeded to paint every other nail. This color is an extremely pale, almost white lavender color, it dries with a high gloss sheen, which I LOVE.  The cost is $8 for a full size color (compared to OPI at $8.50), this Zoya color is worth it. Also, this color dries pretty quickly, which helps klutz’s like me. Feminine but fashionable. THUMBS UP!

2) Juicy Couture Signature Scent

LOVE. Thats all. Perfume is usually a hit or miss with me, so I usually don’t have many favorites, but this scent is amazing. It smells floral sweet, but isn’t too overbearing. The fullsize 1.7 ounce is $69, and the 3.4 ounce is $89.

3) Befine Nightcream

This is a light night cream designed to minimize and mitigate fine lines, all while you get your daily dose of ZzZzZ’s. Made with cocoa, millet, & rice bran. This is allergan free, fragrance free, paraban free, and made out of vegetable proteins. Basically it’s a lot more better for your skin than a lot of the creams out there right now. It’s light enough to put on prior to sleeping, and lets your skin breathe all night, while hydrating – uber important!

4) Larabar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar

Peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut butter chocolate chip bar. I definitely tasted more peanut butter than I did chocolate chip. I’d suggest this if you like health bars, and enjoy peanut butter. Also it is rather filling, so it’s a good supplement for a meal. $17 for a pack of 16.

5) VMV Hypoallergenics Eye Serum

This is my first time trying an eye serum. I religiously use an eye cream, and have been hesitant to try an eye serum because of an added product to my skincare regime. So far, I’ve been using it for about 3 days, and I like the fact that it’s not sticky. It still lets me feel like my skin doesn’t have heavy products. This serum helps eliminates dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Full size bottle $80.

This birchbox gets another 4 out of 5 Birchbox Besos.

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Valentines Day Dates: How to Plan Bougie Valentines Dates on a Budget

I always need something to look forward to. Always. Some of you may or may not know, but I recently just had a birthday. January was awesome, but in true Jay-Z fashion, I must live out my motto: On to the next one .. on to the next one .. On to the next big thing that is!


things to do for valentines day in san francisco sf ca valentines day 2012 couple making a heart out of arms romantic picture of couple in the sunset couple makes heart with their arms romantic photography what to do for valentines day valentines day date ideas on a budget low key date ideas what to do for valentines day new ideas for valentines day dates romantic valentine date ideas casual valentine date ideas cheap valentine date ideas valentines day on a budget how to romance a girl on a budget how to romance a guy on a budget planning a cheap fun casual valentine valentines day date pretty please us

Valentines Day get’s a lot of flack .. Some people say it’s not even a real holiday (arguable, arguable). And in all honesty, I can’t blame them – Valentines Day has become rather high maintenance, when in fact it’s a sweet holiday to show your significant other how much you care. Since we’re such Pretty Pleasers, we want you to have the best Valentines day ever! This is the beginning of our three part series on Valentines Day Dates! Continue reading

Awesome Health Tips brought to you by…Perez Hilton. What?

hot girl working out being healthy woman pretty please us blog gym fitness

Ok yes, we’re a little confused about this too. Apparently our favorite gossip blogger, Mr. Perez Hilton,  started a fitness blog called FitPerez in 2010 (wow we’re late to the game). The blog is full of pictures of famous people (that already look phenomenal) going to or leaving the gym, a little bit of random celebrity gossip,  and some random sports related news. But buried under all that riffraf is something he likes to call QuickFit Tip of the Day. Perez gets celebrity trainers and nutritionists to share a little bit of the wealth with his readers. Lucky us!

He has guest tips by folks such as Mike Donavanik (Celebrity Trainer), Lisa DeFazio (Hollywood media dietician) Continue reading

Listen Up Boys, err I Mean Men: How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

valentines day sarcastic card love

Valentines day is only a month away and as much as you might dread this “holiday” (or not) your lady counterpart has already started hunting for her date-night dress and has upped the time she spends on the treadmill to get ready for all the See’s candy she’ll be consuming in the first half of February. I know, I know…you hate shopping for gifts and it’s just so hard to figure out what she wants. But listen, this is probably one of 3 nights (Valentines day, your birthday & July 4th…you do it for the troops)  you’re guaranteed to get lucky if you play your cards right, so you have to bring your A-game on Valentines day. Flowers and candy don’t cut it anymore, it’s 2012 for heaven’s sake!

Now here’s the part where I make your life easier. Continue reading

What Was She Wearing: Holiday Party Fun

Yes, I realize that the holidays have come and gone (sad face/I miss them), so this post is long overdue. This look is from the nth holiday party I went to and I was so over doing regular red/green holiday themed outfits that I decided to wear something I had picked up at the mall that week (yay for holiday sales). Plus I finally got to break in the booties I had picked up in Paris.

Womens Button front Foreign Exchange Tights tulip back open back full sleeves beige cute top pretty shirt

Continue reading

Mullet Over: Why Mullet Dresses Have Struck Our Fashion Fancy.

Aright. I’m going to keep this uber short, and uber sweet. Head over heels for mullet dresses. Not joking, cross my heart. Love. Like really, really love.

style trend 2012 mullet dress black leather mullet dress fashionable dresses to wear out beautiful black dress little black dress mullet dresses comfortable and casual short in the front and long in the back mullet dresses to wear for red carpet high fashion events

Raji, have you lost your pretty little mind? “Mullet” signifies everything wrong with mens (and select womens) hair.

Le sigh. Okay let me tell you about this uber sexy fashion trend. Actually, forget it – let me give you a visual tour. Continue reading

Happy birthday to my Co-Blogger @princessraji!

Happy birthday pretty Raji

To many more years of friendship, good times & pretty pleasing =)

Love you lots!


Hair Envy: Nicole Richie & her Hair Styles

We’ve got a major case of Hair Envy. In the past few years, Nicole Richie has managed to wear her hair 234235 different ways and has looked amazing in every time. She’s gone through short straight hair, long curly hair, side sweeping bangs, a fringe, blonde tresses, brunette locks, etc. You name it, she’s done it. And whether her style is boho or classic, she looks gorgeous! Think we’re lying? Check it out for yourself:

Nicole Richie hair short bangs long curly boho headband updo hair style

Nicole Richie hair short bangs long curly boho headband updo hair style celebrity brunette hair

Nicole Richie blonde hair short bangs long curly boho headband updo hair style brunette celebrity hair

Nicole Richie blonde hair short bangs long curly boho headband updo hair style brunette celebrity hair

Nicole Richie blonde hair short bangs long curly boho headband updo hair style brunette celebrity hair

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Photos: promhair-styles, celebinspire, instyle, celebritysentry, zimbio, stylebistro, becomegorgeous The Beauty Gift That Keeps Giving! My December Review!

So I woke up one morning 2 weeks ago, and I had taken a mental health day from work. I was wearing my fuzzy pink robe. I had just drank my morning tea. All of a sudden, my personal Santa called me excitedly and asked me to check my front door. As I have vampire tendencies (i.e. dislike sun, want to kill humans) in the morning, I kindly declined. I wanted to enjoy my chai, and the Price Is Right was having it’s showcase showdown!

“Go outside! There’s a box waiting for you on the doorstep .. and it’s pink!”

My vampire sense kicked in. A box? For ME? And .. it’s P I N K!!!!!!!! Okay Santa .. but this better be good!

contents of the birchbox birchbox cosmetic samples what is a birchbox what kind of samples are in a birchbox cosmetics fragrance beauty style hair products nail polish jouer lipgloss laura geller eyeliner waterproof eyeliner oscar blandi dry shampoo show stoppers nude strips e-boost yogini fragrance december products in birchbox december samples in birchbox

WOW! A BIRCHBOX!!!! My very own birchbox .. wait .. what the eff is a birchbox?

Continue reading

Above the Knuckle Rings: Yay or Nay?

above the knuckle fancy cool rings Over the knuckle ring women girls

We wrote about our desire to own some above the knuckle rings last October. It’s been a few months and it has been quiet on the above the knuckle front, until now! They’re popping up every where and we’re super jealous that we’re yet to get some for ourselves.

Our Ring-spiration this week comes from none other than Miss Rihanna. Riri is always down for a ring-party and we are jocking her style pretty hard. Continue reading

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