Get Organized: The Bathroom Edition

beautiful gorgeous clean bathrooms colored walls turquoise red rest mirror eclectic bathroom organized bathroom

If I kept tabs on the time I spend in different rooms in my house, I bet my bathroom would be in the top 3! (For tips to organize your own room click here!) The time I spend doing my hair, makeup, deciding on and rejecting outfits definitely adds up. So why do I spend that time in a messy area where it takes me at least 2-3 minutes untangling cords, kicking things out of the way, etc. WHYYY?!

Enter New Years Resolution to organize my life! I want to stop wasting time looking for things that always seem to be lost, and instead spend that time, oh I don’t know, reading a book or writing more blog posts =p

Here are 3 things I’ll be doing to pimp out my bathroom. Xzibit would be so proud. Continue reading

Music to Our Ears .. Jazz Music to Our Ears, That Is

music pictures of people playing instruments playing the saxophone playing the guitar how to play the saxophone how to play the guitar how to play music and record music romantic photo of boy playing music

If talent is our motivation, then music is our bestie. We LOVE having a song on repeat .. From our college days where we’d listen to Mac Dre’s “I’m Feelin Myself” to preparty, to now where we sing at the top of our lungs to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” .. we have a serious gratitude for all kinds of beautiful music. Listen & Enjoy ..

When we first heard Continue reading

Bang Bang Bang: Clip On Bangs & Extensions for a New Fringe

BANG BANG BANG! And we are not the fireworks you heard on New Year’s Eve folks .. or a lyric from a rap song ..

Zooey Deschanel Joseph Gordan Levitt blunt bangs long black hair short black hair brown hair haircut with bangs layers with side swept bangs hairdos with bangs short hairstyles long hairstyles with bangs how to do hair with bangs clip on bangs clip in hair extensions

Bangs are hot, and the ‘500 Days of Summer‘ Hottie, Zooey Deschanel proves it in the above photo. They are also scary as all hell. We have always fantasized with the idea of cutting our hair and getting blunt, forward facing bangs. Then, we wake up and realize we also have commitment issues.


I’m sorry what? You wanna bang –

Ahem, yes. Continue reading

Clothes Make The Man: What an Aldo Shoe’s Rep Wears to Work

I like clothes. I like any reason to go buy more clothes. Really, I’m a cloth-a-holic, minus the hangover. So when people dress well, I sit up, take notice, and do the right thing .. ask them if I can feature them in my blog. Even if I’m shopping at the Aldo’s Outlet in Vacaville on NYE. Ruthless, I iz.

Meet Nick.

mens shoes trendy clothing casual outfits for men how to wear a hat for men how to rock a hat what to wear with combat boots for men trendy skinny jean outfits casual attire for men

So I was shopping along, and I noticed this guy dressed exceptionally well Continue reading

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