Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Part 1

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Boys boys boys. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Well if you’re lucky enough to have a boy to call your valentines you should make sure that you spoil him as much as he’s planning on spoiling you. If he’s worth it, and you don’t, someone else might try to!

So lets get to the point, how should you spoil him? Ding ding ding! Spoil him with presents. Now I know buying gifts for men always seems like a daunting task. There are so many things you can get a for a girl, but what do you buy a boyfriend for his birthday, Christmas, anniversaries and yes, Valentine’s Day? Guess what?! Today is your lucky day. I present you with the best list of presents you can buy for your dude, and this is only Part 1. You’re welcome.

GIFT #1: Tickets to go watch his favorite sports team!

If your boyfriend loves sports then why not get him tickets to go see his favorite sports team. If you live in the bay area (like me), get him 2 tickets to go see the Sharks, Warriors or 49ers tickets….you know when they make the Superbowl XLVI sad face.

And unless  you’re as big of a fan as he is of <insert HIS favorite sports team name here>, I’d suggest let him take one of his buddies with him to the game. He’ll have better time with another die-hard fan and he’ll appreciate you a lot more.

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GIFT #2: Stainless Steel Straight Razor

Nothing will make your boyfriend/husband feel more like a man than using this straight razor from The Art of Shaving. This stainless steel straight razor is a unique present for the guy who cares about how he looks. If a straight razor is too much for him he could still graduate up to a Safety Razor from his Mach 3.

art of shaving stainless steel straight safety razor valentines day gift for a man pretty please us blog

GIFT #3: A monthly subscription to food/wine/beer clubs.

Get him a 6 month or a year long subscription to a service such as Foodzie, Wine of the Month Club, or Beer of the Month Club. Services such as Foodzie are super cool! With a foodzie subscription you can get him monthly “Tasting Experiences” which contain hand selected food products crafted by small-batch food makers from all over the country. The beer/wine clubs send you a selected wine or a case of beer a every month. If your man-friend is into beer or wine this would be a great gift!

foodzie food box wine of the month club beer of the month club valentines day gifts for a guy man pretty please us

GIFT #4: Grill, grill, grill!

Spring is around the corner and it’ll be summer soon enough. Give your beau the chance to be a man’s man and let him get his grill on. Get him a Weber’s grill from Home Depot & don’t forget to get him Weber’s Real Grilling book that has recipe’s made specifically for this grill. This way he can learn to grill the right way on his new shiny toy. And the great part is that, for once, he’ll be doing all the cooking! Win-Win.

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GIFT #5: Flying Lessons

This would be an awesome present for a dude as long as he’s not afraid of heights and/or flying. How effing cool is it that we live in a time that we can actually fly a plane for fun! Usually how these lessons work is you schedule a time to meet with your pilot/instructor. He teaches you things about flying and the plane that you’ll be flying for about an hour and then off you go. You basically assist him in take off and fly the plane for an hour. It’s an amazingly unforgettable experience. Also make sure to ask the instructor before hand if he can take an extra person and you can tag along and take pictures on your boyfriend’s big flight. There are many flying schools in San Francisco/Bay Area, you can check out Stanford Flying Club, Bay Area Flying Lessons or Sundance Flying Club. Pssst…Livingsocial & Groupon often have deals on flying lessons so look out for those.

flying lessons san francisco bay area valentines day present gift for men pretty please us

Hope you enjoyed the first part of our two part series on what gift to get guys for Valentines day. Look out for Part 2 in the next few days. To keep up with our posts, follow PrettyPleaseUs on Twitter here. If you prefer facebook, fan us here.

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