Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men Part Deux

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Last week we brought to you Part 1 of Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men. Here’s some more awesome sauce options that you can work with for your honey boo boo child. You have 15 days till February 14th and if you actually step up your game you can finally sing “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me” and not sound hear crickets. So lets get to it eh?

#6 Knife Handling Classes

If your boyfriend enjoys cooking, knife handling is definitely something he’s going to want to learn. You can sign him up for a Knife Skills 101 class where he’ll learn how to maintain knives and different techniques needed for different recipes in cooking. If he’s interested in more advanced classes such as Beef, Poultry or Hog Butchery, check out these Butchery Classes in San Francisco.

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#7 Racing Fancy Cars

If your boy toy is into cars, giving him the gift of racing fancy cars will be one that he’ll never forget. He’ll be able to drive the car of his dreams- Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porche, McLaren, etc. Exotics Racing School in Las Vegas is THE place to send him for this phenomenal experience.

Valentines day gift ideas for men Ferrari Lamborghini McLaren racing school las vegas pretty please blog

#8 Personalized hand selected Clothing for him

Us girls have birchbox, shoedazzle, Beachmint but what about the boys?! Enter Trunk Club. Trunk Club ships hand selected outfits to your boyfriend’s doorstep. If your man friend isn’t into shopping lazy, this will be the gift that will keep giving. He’ll love you forever and you’ll never have to hear him whine about going to the mall again. And this way he can finally stop wearing the clothes his mom got for him in high school.

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gift ideas for men Trunk Club membership personalized shopping outfits for guys pretty please us

#9 Man-Pamper him at a Barber Shop

Get him a gift certificate for the F.S.C. Barber and Freemans Sporting Club in San Francisco (or NYC!). Urbandaddy describes it as “an old-school gentlemen’s club encompassing a circa 1920s barbershop and menswear outpost” where he can get a haircut, trim, a straight razor, or hot towel hybrid shave called the Hangover Treatment (coming soon).

Gifts ideas for men barber shop shave guys pretty please blog valentines day gift ideas

#10 Fitbit

The Fitbit  is awesome. Its a small device you wear/keep in your pocket and it measures your activity. It measures the number of steps you take during the day, stairs you climb, calories you consume, etc. I’d say get one for yourself and your boyfriend and make a competition out of it. Compete on the number of steps you take every day and have some fun with it. Healthy individuals = healthy couple = healthy relationship =)

gift ideas for men fitbit healthy gift valentines day gift pretty please blog

Happy gifting!

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