Fun Date Ideas for Valentines Day in San Francisco

If you’re looking for an overpriced date idea, then this post is not for you. Just stop reading now. But if you’re not the boring type and would rather do something fun and interesting on your obligatory Valentines day date then be prepared to be blown away by this list. This is the holy grail of lists of the coolest date ideas that are NOT the same old prix fixed menu dinners that everyone else goes to on Valentines Day. Obviously these date ideas work for any type of date but since Valentines Day is around the corner, you might as well start impressing your significant other with one of these dates on February 14th.

Date Idea #1: House of Air

Take your date to the trampoline park and get your fun on. A date at the House of Air will cost you $32 for you and your date for 1 hour and after that you can go grub since you’ll definitely be famished from all the jumping.

Date ideas Valentines day date idea House of Air san francisco bay area pretty please blog

Date Idea #2: Hike at Muir Woods

Plan a day date at beautiful and serene Muir Woods. Hike the numerous trails at Muir Woods and then grab a bite to eat afterwards at the cafe in the park.

Date Idea san francisco bay area Muir woods hike pretty please blog

Date Idea #3: Bike Across the Golden Gate

Rent two bikes and bike across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito. Park and spend the day enjoying the quaint town. There are plenty of awesome museums, ice cream shops and restaurants that you can check out. Relax and take the ferry back because biking both ways is just too tiring.

date ideas san francisco golden gate bridge bike ride to sausalito ferry back pretty please blog

Date Idea #5: Scavenger Hunt

Sign up for the Thrillist Drink & Hunt Scavenger hunt with your beau. You’ll solve clues to find the next bar while you booze up. If this doesn’t titillate the alcoholic, multitasking, thrill seeker in you, I don’t know what will. This would be an adventurous valentines day date indeed. Remember to brush up on your San Francisco trivia so you can impress your date.

valentines day 2012 date ideas san scavenger hunt san francisco thrillist bay area pretty please blog

Date Idea #6: DishCrawl your way into their heart

Ok fine. You don’t want to get drunk on Valentines Day but still want to do something that involves the word crawl? that’s different and involves experiencing something unique together. Check out Dishcrawl. They describe themselves as a dining experience. Take your date on a guided food tour through four restaurants and try their best dishes. Check out Dishcrawl’s bay area events here.

date ideas san francisco dishcrawl guided food tours bay area pretty please blog

Date Idea #7: Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Boys- can’t you already imagine her on the phone with her BFF saying “Awww he’s such a good guy!” Yup, that’s exactly what will happen if you plan a date helping those in need with Habitat for Humanity. You get to work with your hands, build a house,  teach her how to use a hammer (in a cute way), while being the kindest manly man she’s met in a while. Plus you get some good karma points in <insert name of god you worship>’s book. On a more serious note, Habitat for Humanity is a great organization to work with and it’s fun. So I’d say dooooo it!

Date idea San francisco Habitat for Humanity volunteer bay area pretty please blog

Whatever you end planning, be it for valentines day or another occasion, try to do something different than just dinner and drinks. It’s more fun when you can experience or accomplish something together. Next time you’re wondering “What to do in San Francisco” check out Sosh, FuncheapSF, and 7×7. You’ll realize that there are so many fun & interesting events in San Francisco everyday! Each date should be a date to remember. Happy planning!

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