12Society: Where Tech Meets Man

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We’ve gotten a sneak peek of the hot new company, 12society and we can’t wait until it launches! The founding trio comprises of an impressive list, if we do say so ourselves: Chirayu Patel, Sameer Mehta and Nadir Hyder. Oh, and Tim Lincecum. How’s that for fancy?

12society aims to be the ultimate maven for men – a celebrity-endorsed world where fashion, culture, and lifestyle brands are broadcasted to the audience of 18-35 year old males. It’s about time, in our opinion! We’re excited to see how 12society will aim their dart at the Tech bullseye, and if their co-founder Tim Lincecum, is any indication, then this start up will be winning in no time!

Though 12society is extremely hush hush at the moment .. we suggest you sign up now to get early access, because you know we are! According to Techcrunch, there are more celebs to come! Can’t wait to see who else will come aboard this exciting pipeline!

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