Our Style [Girl] Crush Of The Moment: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

How can a statuesque beauty such as the Transformers leading lady Rosie Huntington-Whiteley get any hotter? Oh that’s right, having impeccable style (stylist) will do that to you. Turns out Rosie turns to Hollywood stylist Cher Coulter for her stylespiration. Clearly she’s working her magic on Rosie since Miss Huntington just received the Style Icon Award by Elle.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley red carpet fashion burberry michael kors valentino gucci dress oscars premier transformers elle award show pretty please

Wowza! But wait, she even looks great in casual wear Continue reading

Pretty Nails & Toesies: Lavender Lovin’

Last night I fell in love. No joke, I fell in love with Nice is Nice by Essie & Sugarplum Fairy by Color Club. Nice is Nice retails for $4-$6, and Sugarplum Fairy $6-$8. I was overdue for a much needed manicure, and ever since my January Birchbox haul, I’ve been obsessed with finding a milky lavender, something that holds true to color. Also, if you couldn’t already tell, I am OBSESSED with glittery nailpolish. Here’s how my nails turned out with both colors:

nice is nice essie nailpolish sugarplum fairy color club nailpolish lavender nailpolish manicure glittery nails glitter manicure nailpolish holigraphic nailpolish glitter color gorgeous nails pretty please us blog


Perhaps it’s the subtlety of the lavender or the gorgeous holographic glittery polish, but I have been checking out my nails since I filed, buffed, and painted them last night! What’s even better, is that since Continue reading

Shoes Every Girl Should Own: Nude Pumps

Let’s get one thing clear, a girl could never have too many shoes. Agreed? Ok good. But what we’re here to discuss is the staples every girl should make sure she has before she goes shoe crazy and buys every pair she sees. Let’s start with the most underrated shoes out there- the Nude Pump. Nude pumps pretty much work with any outfit you can come up with. Plus they elongate your legs and make you look all model-like and what not.So make sure to get those in your shoe collection if you already don’t. And if you already do, you could always use another pair =)

nude heels shoes every girl should own nude beige pumps christian louboutin aldo steve madden jeffery campbell heels pretty please

Clockwise: Steve Madden, Aldo, Jeffery Campbell, Christian Louboutin

Who has two thumbs and already owns nude Continue reading

Dear Closet: Tulle’s in Love ..

Dear Closet,

We wanted to make sure you’re aware that we have a little HUGE crush on tulle .. It gives off the perfect feminine and flirty appeal we adore .. With that said, get in our closet .. NOW!


personal style fashion blog pretty please us blog tulle black skirt nude blazer black pumps what to wear with a tulle skirt how to wear a tulle skirt pearls and tulle

12Society: Where Tech Meets Man

12society cofounder tim lincecum giants startup pretty please blog mens fashion start up chirayu patel Sameer Mehta Nadir Hyder jungle cents ceos new start up

We’ve gotten a sneak peek of the hot new company, 12society and we can’t wait until it launches! The founding trio comprises of an impressive list, if we do say so ourselves: Chirayu Patel, Sameer Mehta and Nadir Hyder. Oh, and Tim Lincecum. How’s that for fancy?

12society aims to be the ultimate maven for men – a celebrity-endorsed world where fashion, culture, and lifestyle brands are Continue reading

Manolo Blahnik for J.Crew! Umm Yes Please!

Yes we said Manolo Blahnik for JCrew! The little Carrie Bradshaw in us squealed when we heard about this collaboration.

Manolo Blahnik for JCrew shoes pumps collaboration Fashion Week 2012 pretty please

preview of manolo blahniks for jcrew new york fashion week 2012 pumps pointy toe suede pink purple sparkle green pumps pretty please

Get your credit cards ready, ladies!

Photos: fashionista, huffingtonpost

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Mint With A Splash of Cran

Dear Closet,

We’re in the mood for a drink .. MmmmMMMmmm .. Mint with a splash of cran? Sounds DELISH!

mint with a splash of cran personal style womens spring fashion perfect spring outfits what to wear mint how to style mint clothing pretty please us blog what to wear in spring summer outfits

Acne tiered shirt
$250 - net-a-porter.com

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Get In My Belly: Veggie Burgers! A Vegetarian’s Guide To The Best Veggie Burgers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Who has two thumbs and loves veggie burgers? This girl! Yup, I love ‘em and I can eat them every day. Well, as long as they’re not disgusting boca/garden cardboard cutouts that some marketing experts call veggie burgers. So I make it a point to try as many veggie burgers I can around the San Francisco/Bay Area and believe you me, I’ve found some delicious spots in the area. And now you’re about to find out where you should be eating your next veggie burger.

SliderBar Cafe

SliderBar Cafe Palo Alto CA veggie slider Multigrain Bun, Garbanzos, Potatoes, Onions, Sun Flower Seeds, Bell Peppers Patty, Mixed Greens, Caramelized Onions & Bell Peppers & Roasted Garlic Sauce pretty please blog

Visit SliderBar Cafe in Palo Alto, CA and try the Vegetarian Slider made with garbanzos, potatoes, onions, sun flower seeds & bell peppers served on a multigrain bun served with mixed greens, caramelized onions & bell peppers & roasted garlic sauce). Yum. Yum.

Los Altos Grill

los altos grill veggie burger best veggie burger in san francisco bay area brown rice beets fries monterey jack cheese pretty please blog

One of my absolute favorite and also the most Continue reading

They’ll Think You’re Really Irish – Saint Patricks Day Shirts!

Who’s ready to see green, have a beer, and celebrate the Irish? WE ARE! Saint Patricks Day is this Saturday, March 17, 2012. We hope you and your friends are gathering tons of green attire, ornaments, and bumper stickers turned jean appliques! In order to help some of our fellow last minute festive shoppers, here are a couple of Saint Patricks Day T-shirt’s to get you ready to rock!

st pattys day t-shirts saint patricks day attire saint patricks day style what to wear on saint patricks day st pattys day saint patricks day diy fashion st pattys day irish fashion luck of the irish attire

Funny Saint Patty’s Day T-Shirt #1: Irish Today, Hungover Tomorrow $19

st pattys day t-shirts saint patricks day attire saint patricks day style what to wear on saint patricks day st pattys day saint patricks day diy fashion st pattys day irish fashion luck of the irish attire

Funny Saint Pattys Day T-Shirt #2: Kiss Me, I’m Irish $19  Continue reading

10 Reason’s To Leave The One You’re With – Relationship Deal-Breakers

143 BABY!! HE’S PERFECT!!!! 

NOT as perfect as my girlfriend! 

OMG .. My boyfriend is so sweet!!!!

Dude, my girlfriend is so caring!!!! 

Congratulations. If in the last month you’ve uttered any of these things, chances are you may be in a relationship. Speculation is a bit-necessary at times. There is nothing wrong with being happy in a relationship, as a matter of fact, it’s an amazing thing to be in a strong and healthy union. There are also those cases where you may think you’re in a fabulous relationship, but you’re not. I figure, oh what the hey, might as well shed some light for those of us who refuse to open our eyes. I present to you, some uber obvious, relationship deal-breakers.

bad relationship dating advice relationship advice what are relationship deal breakers sarcastic relationship advice how do i know if he's the one how to date smart dating mistakes relationship advice for my friends pretty please us blog

1) There is no “I” in we

When you both lose your sole identities to each other, meaning I don’t get to hang out with Jill anymore, I have to hang out with Jill & John. And John doesn’t go anywhere or make plans without Jill because well, their life officially consists of “we” and “they” as opposed to “I” or “me”. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but watch yourself, a solo identity is a terrible thing to waste.

2) You both communicate …. after 2:00am Continue reading

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