3 Things You Must Stop Doing To Yourself Immediately

Disclaimer: No matter what your age, Twenty, Teenage, Forty, Seventy Year olds can benefit from this post. Unless you’re perfect, in which case STOP READING NOW.

Stop it. Stop it right now! No I mean it. Look, if you think you have everything all figured out, then don’t read any further.  You’re perfect and amazing, and no need for improvement. If you just happened to snap out of it, or are like the rest of the population, listen up, take notes, and prepare to STOP doing the following things to yourself!!!!!

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1)  STOP Comparing! 

Everyone comes from a different walk of life. Some people fight for everything they have, and others have things handed to them on a silver platter. You were dealt your card, now progress forward. Stopping to think about what others have or don’t have on you is frankly a waste of time! Somebody blatantly copies you all the time? Pity them, unoriginality is boring, and it means you’re doing something right! Pay no other mind though, and keep moving forward at all costs!

Comparisons should be nothing more than motivation. Stopping to fret is a waste of time. 

2) STOP Waiting! 

Have you ever wanted to apply for a new job? Or take a trip to Cambodia? Learn how to play the guitar? Then DO IT! What are you waiting for? Yes, when applying for a job you’ll need a resume. With planning a trip, you’ll need funds. With playing a new instrument, you’ll need lessons. The point here is, you won’t get anywhere by NOT TRYING. You have to choose a goal, and plan it out: What’s stopping you from getting there? Once identified, chip away at it until the end result is you TRYING YOUR HARDEST to obtain it!

You won’t ever know if you don’t try, and a regret is a terrible thing to waste. 

3) STOP Pleasing Everyone! 

This includes your significant other, your parents, your teachers, employers, everyone. I’m not saying become disorderly and screw conduct, I’m saying it’s okay to focus on yourself. It’s okay to focus on what you want. You have one life to live, and chances are if you go around trying to please everyone you’re going to end up running yourself to the ground without even asking yourself “Hey, what is it that I want anyway?”. Go out and live your life for yourself! Make your own choices, live with them, learn from them, and mold yourself to be the BEST you, possible!

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