Guys Going Sockless: Yay or Nay?

The sockless summer trend for guys is definitely one that I am a big fan of though I can’t seem to figure out why I think it makes a man look oh so sexy. Maybe I’m just tired of the V-neck tshirts (though I was never not tired of it, truth be told I’m pretty traumatized by it) and think guys should figure out new ways to show some skin. Or maybe it’s the “I didn’t do laundry so I don’t have clean socks to wear but I’m still looking extra fly” look that does it for me. Who the hell knows. But let’s get one thing straight, if you’re still sporting this look that my dad (sorry dad, you’re still the best) successfully pulls off every weekend then you have bigger problems.

high socks sneakers and khakhis nerdy dad

Head over to the nearest Costco and buy yourself a 50 pack of some ankle socks. For the other more sophisticated sock enthusiasts, if you already have your masters in ankle sockery then maybe you can move onto something more challenging such as the sockless look.

khakhis button down gray blazer rolled up boat shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

derrick-rose stripe sweater blue cargo pants sockless mens style trend pretty please

gray suit checkered button down pocket square brown shoes sockless mens style trend pretty please

khakhi blazer blue button down collared shirt purple tie rolled up jeans brown shoes sockless mens style trend

And my personal favorite look:

white suit gray shirt sockless mens style trend boat shoes pretty please

And some more..

sockless mens style trend casula look khakhis shorts blazers boat shoes for guys pretty please

Some tips on going sockless from FashionBeans:

If you are new to this whole sockless game, here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way: -

  • Wear in your shoes – regardless of what style of shoe you’ve got and the material they are made from. I usually wear them for 4 hours an evening for a few days and then give them a good polish after, which seems to do the trick.
  • Be Sneaky – If you know that you are going to be wearing a heavy wingtip for a good ten hours in the city, then maybe a sock of some kind might be wise? But why not invest in some low-profile loafer socks to keep your ankles free, but your feet blister free. You won’t regret it!
  • Get Pre-emptive – Although going without socks can be a great feeling, it can do horrible things to your feet. Think about bathing them in hot water regularly and using talcum powder if you have particularly sweaty feet. I actually think the general state of men’s feet is pretty appalling and am not ashamed to say I get a pedicure every 4-5 months to make sure they stay their best. Let’s be honest guys, we wouldn’t like it on a girl would we?

If you’re ready to take on this trend, check out this list of loafers 7×7 has put together for those ready to bare their ankles!

So what do you think? Dudes- is the sockless trend a new way of life? Ladies- Would you want your men to leave the socks at home? Tell us about it.

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Source: smoothharold, GQ, fashionbeans

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3 Responses to "Guys Going Sockless: Yay or Nay?"

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  1. Clearing Preppy's Name.

    July 19, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Sockless CAN work. It just totally depends with what.. I understand how unappealing it can look with certain shoes though :P

  2. The Squirrel Co.

    July 20, 2012 at 2:11 am

    Always sockless here! Must have the right shoe pad though to work…aka not stink.


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