Why Dating Sucks Pt. 1

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We MISSED YOU, did you miss us?? 


I’m doing a fun 5 post mini-series for our favorite new dating site, SimplyMatchMe! SimplyMatchMe is an EASY dating site, throw some basic information, sit back, and allow them to make introductions for you. Could dating ever be any easier?  And to celebrate this new site, I decided to write about well.. why dating sucks to begin with!


Here’s a snippet and a link to my post, remember every Tuesday at 10:00am – I’ll have a new reason WHY DATING SUCKS!


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Hi, my name’s Raji. You may know me from my blog, or my ridicInstagram/Twitter. I’m here to walk you through the heady concept of “dating”.

(Cue: Themetrack from Psycho. )

So let’s dive right into it, shall we?

I’ve never heard anyone say “Man, this dating thing is really amazing! I’m having the time of my life dating, there are SO MANY FISH IN THE SEA, you’d think I’m at Waterworld 24-7.” And well, the reason for this is quite simple, as I said in my instagram video, dating sucks. It’s not the easiest thing to embark on, it’s anxiety inducing, and as a wise woman once said “Ain’t nobody got time for that“. Each week for the next 5, I’ll be exploring why dating sucks!



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