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Pretty Nails & Toesies: Lavender Lovin’

Last night I fell in love. No joke, I fell in love with Nice is Nice by Essie & Sugarplum Fairy by Color Club. Nice is Nice retails for $4-$6, and Sugarplum Fairy $6-$8. I was overdue for a much needed manicure, and ever since my January Birchbox haul, I’ve been obsessed with finding a milky lavender, something that holds true to color. Also, if you couldn’t already tell, I am OBSESSED with glittery nailpolish. Here’s how my nails turned out with both colors:

nice is nice essie nailpolish sugarplum fairy color club nailpolish lavender nailpolish manicure glittery nails glitter manicure nailpolish holigraphic nailpolish glitter color gorgeous nails pretty please us blog


Perhaps it’s the subtlety of the lavender or the gorgeous holographic glittery polish, but I have been checking out my nails since I filed, buffed, and painted them last night! What’s even better, is that since Continue reading My January Haul Review birchbox january haul what is a birchbox what is in a birchbox zoya nailpolish in megan lara uber bar peanut butter chocolate chip bar befine night cream vmv hypoallergenics eye serum what was in the january birchbox haul juicy couture scent sample

I got my January Birchbox!!!! As promised, I’ll be sharing my reviews about my Birchbox haul! My December review got a lot of good feedback, and I think I turned a couple of you readers into Birchbox believers. January is my birthday month, and so when I saw a new Birchbox in my mail, I just felt birthday fuzzies all over again. birchbox january haul what is a birchbox what is in a birchbox zoya nailpolish in megan lara uber bar peanut butter chocolate chip bar befine night cream vmv hypoallergenics eye serum what was in the january birchbox haul juicy couture scent sample


1) Zoya Nailpolish in Megan

Since I am obsessed with nail polish, my eyes had a joygasm. Within about 3 seconds, I had painted my thumbnail with this color, admired it, and proceeded to paint every other nail. This color is an extremely pale, almost white lavender color, it dries with a high gloss sheen, which I LOVE.  The cost is $8 for a full size color (compared to OPI at $8.50), this Zoya color is worth it. Also, this color dries pretty quickly, which helps klutz’s like me. Feminine but fashionable. THUMBS UP!

2) Juicy Couture Signature Scent

LOVE. Thats all. Perfume is usually a hit or miss with me, so I usually don’t have many favorites, but this scent is amazing. It smells floral sweet, but isn’t too overbearing. The fullsize 1.7 ounce is $69, and the 3.4 ounce is $89.

3) Befine Nightcream

This is a light night cream designed to minimize and mitigate fine lines, all while you get your daily dose of ZzZzZ’s. Made with cocoa, millet, & rice bran. This is allergan free, fragrance free, paraban free, and made out of vegetable proteins. Basically it’s a lot more better for your skin than a lot of the creams out there right now. It’s light enough to put on prior to sleeping, and lets your skin breathe all night, while hydrating – uber important!

4) Larabar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar

Peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut butter chocolate chip bar. I definitely tasted more peanut butter than I did chocolate chip. I’d suggest this if you like health bars, and enjoy peanut butter. Also it is rather filling, so it’s a good supplement for a meal. $17 for a pack of 16.

5) VMV Hypoallergenics Eye Serum

This is my first time trying an eye serum. I religiously use an eye cream, and have been hesitant to try an eye serum because of an added product to my skincare regime. So far, I’ve been using it for about 3 days, and I like the fact that it’s not sticky. It still lets me feel like my skin doesn’t have heavy products. This serum helps eliminates dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Full size bottle $80.

This birchbox gets another 4 out of 5 Birchbox Besos.

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So I woke up one morning 2 weeks ago, and I had taken a mental health day from work. I was wearing my fuzzy pink robe. I had just drank my morning tea. All of a sudden, my personal Santa called me excitedly and asked me to check my front door. As I have vampire tendencies (i.e. dislike sun, want to kill humans) in the morning, I kindly declined. I wanted to enjoy my chai, and the Price Is Right was having it’s showcase showdown!

“Go outside! There’s a box waiting for you on the doorstep .. and it’s pink!”

My vampire sense kicked in. A box? For ME? And .. it’s P I N K!!!!!!!! Okay Santa .. but this better be good!

contents of the birchbox birchbox cosmetic samples what is a birchbox what kind of samples are in a birchbox cosmetics fragrance beauty style hair products nail polish jouer lipgloss laura geller eyeliner waterproof eyeliner oscar blandi dry shampoo show stoppers nude strips e-boost yogini fragrance december products in birchbox december samples in birchbox

WOW! A BIRCHBOX!!!! My very own birchbox .. wait .. what the eff is a birchbox?

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Bang Bang Bang: Clip On Bangs & Extensions for a New Fringe

BANG BANG BANG! And we are not the fireworks you heard on New Year’s Eve folks .. or a lyric from a rap song ..

Zooey Deschanel Joseph Gordan Levitt blunt bangs long black hair short black hair brown hair haircut with bangs layers with side swept bangs hairdos with bangs short hairstyles long hairstyles with bangs how to do hair with bangs clip on bangs clip in hair extensions

Bangs are hot, and the ‘500 Days of Summer‘ Hottie, Zooey Deschanel proves it in the above photo. They are also scary as all hell. We have always fantasized with the idea of cutting our hair and getting blunt, forward facing bangs. Then, we wake up and realize we also have commitment issues.


I’m sorry what? You wanna bang –

Ahem, yes. Continue reading

The Guide to Sexy Red Lips: How To Pull Off The Perfect Red Lip

Let’s make one thing clear: We LOVE RED LIPS. And when we say “Love”, we mean LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEE.

There’s something undeniably show-stopping about seeing a lady with red lips. The simple scientific explanation is that red lips allude to female arousal (and let’s be real, female arousal is a win-win for both sexes!).

pretty indian girl red lips how to do red lipstick beautiful indian girl with red lipstick olive skin tone wearing red lipstick how to wear perfect red lipstick wearing red lips red lips and accessory DIY red lipstick tutorial red lipstick matte indian bollywood make up bollywood beauty red lipstick raji randhawa

(That would be moi, wearing Russian Red Lipstick from Mac & Brick Lipliner from Mac.)

Maybe its the seduction of her pout colored in a powerful and bright hue, or maybe it’s simply how much attention it draws to her mouth Continue reading

Extra 20% off Sephora sale!


This online only sale is too legit to quit! Offer is valid until 1/3!!! Log onto and pick up some new finds for your skin, face, and hair! Happy Holidays, from us here at Pretty Please!

**Sephora Holiday Make Up Sale offer ends 1/3!**

Curls, Curls, Curls, Curls .. Curls I Do Adore

So put your number on this paper cuz I would love to date ya holla at ya when I come on tour ..

curly hair big curly waves volume side bangs side swept up big hair curly beautiful thick hair curling iron

Fine. Jay-Z was rappin about girls in our favorite song “Girls, Girls, Girls“. But we bet Beyonce’s big, bouncy, curls had a little something to do with Mr. Carter making her his wifey! Curls are sexy. There’s no doubting that. They give you volume, an extra bounce in your step, and they’re flirty. Continue reading

Pretty Nails and Toesies: Golden Daisy

Backstory: I went to American Apparel in Santa Monica. I had to pee, and was on my way to the inconveniently located Starbucks across the street. LAME, AA, simply lame to not have a bathroom inside. The of course, I was walking towards the door when something shiny and colorful caught my eye.

American Apparel Nailpolish The Valley Golden Flash Pretty Nailpolish Colors

Boom. After wanting every single color, I decided to settle for The Valley and Golden Flash, @ $6 a piece, I was satisfied. I’m an active person, and so of course I ended up breaking a nail when I returned to the Bay Area (Where my Giant’s, 49er’s, and Warriors fan’s at?!). I decided it was time Continue reading

10 different Eyeliner Looks You Should Try

I love all of the eyeliner looks below, though Number 5 scares me a bit. But if I had to pick my absolute favorite, I would have to go with # 7. You can’t go wrong with the Cat-Eye look. Pssst…here’s a really good Cat-Eye makeup tutorial.

different eyeliner makeup looks

{Img. Source Fancy Eyes}


We can’t get over this sexy lipcolor! Check it out here! 


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5 Fabulous DIY Nails Tutorials

Do you know how much a manicure costs? Yeah, they’re expensive. Plus if you want any fancy nail art then expect paying twice as much as a regular ol’ manicure. If you’re like me, you’re a little hesitant to spend $50 every month on getting your nails done. “But Himani, It’s the holidays! Live a little!” Umm exactly, it’s the holidays! I need the money to buy presents and you know, a nice dress for NYE. So I’d rather take all the money I saved this year NOT getting manicures and go shopping.

But just because I love shopping doesn’t mean I don’t like my nails to look oh so purrrty. Check out some of my favorite DIY Nail Tutorials that will get any manicure-getting-girl jealous!

The Mixed Metal Manicure

mixed metal manicure

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