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St. Patrick’s Day Fashion – Gorgeous Green Affair!

Yooo hooo! Saint Patricks Day is here! And like all of our fellow pot-o-gold lovers, we want to make sure all of you readers flaunt the color of the month: GREEN!!!!! We compiled a couple of fun pieces from everything to your nails, clothing, and even some fun accessories to help you work your inner fab this St. Patty’s Day! With no further adieu, welcome to our ultimate Saint Patrick’s Day post!

We promise, once you hit the town, everyone else will be going green with envy #punintended

saint patricks day st pattys day dress jovani dress what to wear on saint patricks day how to wear green on saint pattys day saint patricks day posts womens fashion green dress gorgeous green dress pretty please blog pretty please us blog st pattys day dress green dress green clothing

(Dress by Jovani)

Saint Patricks Day Makeup – Pick up some green eyeshadow, like our favorite: Aqua Cream in Emerald Green by Make Up Forever, and paint or line those gorgeous eyes!

make up forever aqua cream emerald green green eyeshadow for saint patricks day st pattys day fashion

Shadow not your thing? Then get some clear vaseline, dab it on your Continue reading

Dear Closet, Dark Dreams ..

Dear Closet,

Please ensure these items make it safely into our closet ASAP! Specifically the faux leather collar, and the Vivienne Westwood dress! Thanks!

personal style high fashion vivienne westwood dress alexander mcqueen clutch faux leather collar goth outfit grey and black ensemble outfits for women party outfits gorgeous outfit pretty please us blog women's apparel women's trends

Did You Get The Memo: Mint Is In & This Is How Everyone Is Wearing It

Mint is clearly the new color on the block that everyone wants to holler at. Awesome, you got yourself a mint scarf/skirt/shirt/dress/whatever but now you don’t know what to pair it with. Stress not, my friend. We’re here to help. We’ve been seeing this color combination pop up way too much to ignore it. First time we were wowed by this color combo was at the DVF Spring 2012 & Ermanno Scervino Spring 2012 Runway Show.

DVF mint brown color combination Diane Von furstenberg spring 2012 runway how to wear mint spring pretty please us

Ermanno Scervino mint brown color combination mint skirt beige belt spring 2012 runway how to wear mint spring pretty please us

Now the thought of mint and beige Continue reading

Dear Closet: Black and Cream Ensemble

Dear Closet,

We love you. But we lust for this weeks creation:

women's fashion girls fashion how to wear booties how to wear a hat prada black bag colored white long shirt black leggings black arm jewelry personal style blog pretty please us blog trendy womens clothes cute outfits to wear

L-U-S-T. Agreed, the hat does give us Blossom & Six flashbacks, but the outfit is perfect for lunch with the ladies this spring.

What would you do? Wear it or pass? 

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Optical Illusion – Get Your Skinny On

All the cool people are doing it…looking skinny that is.

Kim Kardashian is doing it in Alexander McQueen:

how to look skinny kim kardashian optical illusion dress Alexander McQueen dress hot kim K hourglass figure pretty please us

Not like Victoria Bekham needs to, but she’s also getting her skinny on in the same Alexander McQueen dress:

Victoria Bekham hot think how to looks skinny optical illusion dress alexander mcqueen dress pretty please us blog

We’ve seen Stella McCartney polka dot panel dresses on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and wannabe celebrities such as Kris Jenner. Oh no she di’ent!

stella mccartney panel polka dot dress jennifer lopez kate winslet skinny dress figure flattering dress pretty please us

Now, not all of us can afford the McQueen & McCartney dresses,  so let’s get our skinny on without making our bank account skinny with these Continue reading

What Was She Wearing: She’s Such a Copy Cat!

Now just because I don’t look like a super model doesn’t mean that I can’t [try to] dress like one. This look first popped up on the Gucci Fall 2011 runway and then was seen on the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Transformers Premier. I immediately fell in love with the look and about a week before New Years Eve 2012 decided that I wanted to try to copy the look (yup, this post is long overdue).

gucci fall 2011 rosie huntington transformers premier one shoulder dress sheer maxi skirt yellow flower top pretty please us blog

So with the one week till the New Years Eve 2012 party, I had to find a sheer maxi skirt, a one shoulder body suit and legs that go up to my neck. Sadly for me, I only was able to find a sheer maxi skirt. So I improvised and found a leopard bodysuit and some high heels to pretend that I had super model legs. Continue reading

Feast Your Eyes On This: Fashion Eye Candy

I’m a girl. I like am obsessed with fashion. When people dress nice, I don’t just give them a double take. I mentally drink in the image of their clothing, accessories, shoes .. I eye <beep> them from across the room. I also have this issue where I like to dress people. In college, if I saw a girlfriend wear a fashion no-no (i.e. the wrong top with a skirt, or terrible shoes with a dress) I’d be the first to try to fix the fashion boo boo.

Friends don’t let friends, faux pas. #fashiontruth

With all this said, I STILL have moments where I cry “What am I going to wear?!?!” and I know you do too. In order to get your mind racing in the right fashionable direction, I went a little cray on Polyvore, an uber fun fashion site where you can create outfits that reflect your own style! Here are some creations I came up with that j-adore!

(Throughout my post, you’ll see RST aka “Raji Style Tips”. Take note & enjoy!)

Women’s Fashion Eye Candy Outfit # 1: Nudes & Denim

nude flats skinny denim jeans nude scarf fashion women's outfits nude cardigan nude sweater nude jewelry nude beige chanel clutch white camisole fun easy casual fashion outfits women's apparel women's trends what to wear prettyplease us blog

RST: Nudes, nudes, nudes, nudes. LOVE THEM, they can tone up or down any outfit! Add this shade to your wardrobe NOW! 

Women’s Fashion Eye Candy Outfit #2: Hot Pink Jeans, Coral Top, and Cream Blazer Continue reading

Oscars 2012 – New York Fashion Week Trends On The Red Carpet

Last week we did our favorite trends from New York Fashion Week 2012. To refresh your memory, these were our picks:

New York Fashion Week 2012 trends Oscars 2012 red carpet fashion trends inspired pretty please blog

And as we were watching the Oscars we had take a moment to pat ourselves on the back because we saw TWO out of those three trends on the Oscars 2012 red carpet! There were a number of white dresses that came out for the Oscars 2012 and well there was ONE significant slit that had everyone talking on the twitterverse!

Oscars 2012 fashion angelina jolie Atlelier Versace slit black dress Milla Jovovich Ellie Saab white one shoulder dress Gwyneth Paltrow Tom Ford White dress pretty please blog

Woohoo go us!

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Men’s Accessories: Tie Bar- The why, the what, the how

Tie Bar accesory for men how to style wear tie clip tie bar pretty please us blog

Hello again boys,

Did you know that men’s accessories sales are on the rise? Men are buying so many accessories that some forecasters predict sales growth for men’s clothing and accessories during the first three months of this year will set a 20-year high.  This brings us to our point, the tie bar, the first men’s accessory we shall discuss. Tie bars have gained popularity recently and if you haven’t gotten one yet, you must! It’s a hot accessory for men and you better jump on the tie bar train before it leaves without you. I personally prefer the more simple, plain look such as the Tiffany’s Tie Bar below but there’s definitely some fancy ones out there.

Tiffany’s Plain Tie Bar Continue reading

Classy Meets Sassy: Little Lace Dresses Trend Alert!

LBD. Little Black Dress. Everyone has one, and if you don’t .. then you should. But enough of all that.. we want to introduce you to another staple you want badly should have NEED. Gone are the days where lace is only for the dainty and sweet ..  Lace is now colorful, vibrant, and sexy .. Our uber-fashion loving hearts are currently obsessed! What’s the best part? COLOR COLOR COLOR! Lace looks faboosh in every color, and nearly every different style!

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration.”

— Karl Lagerfeld

Because we want our readers to be the hottest kitten & male kitten out there, we introduce you to our current fashion MUST: LLD aka the LITTLE LACE DRESS. 

Coral Lace Dress: Cue Jaw Drop 

coral red orange lace dress trendy lace dress women's apparel sexy hot party dresses lace dress for woman girls party dresses beautiful lace dresses 2012 fashion

Coral & Brown Lace Dress via Modcloth $89.99 Continue reading

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