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Mistletoe Love: 5 Sexy Places to Kiss Her This Holiday

This time of year, mistletoe’s (make your own mistletoe HERE) randomly spring up in doorways, signifying an opportunity to lock lips. How romantic .. how sweet .. how .. boring? Personally, I do believe a kiss on the lips is passionate, but come on people – get inventive, the New Year is right around the corner! There are also SO so SO many different ways to kiss! Kiss some new spots on your significant other! Need suggestions?

mistletoe picture mistletoe kiss christmas plant under the mistletoe In no particular order, here are our top 5: Continue reading

Foster The People Announce New Tour & Join Forces with Gilt Groupe

Foster The People on Gilt Man

Foster The People have announced their Spring 2012 tour which begins in New York City on May 29th. Tickets officially go on sale on Friday December 16, 2011. But they have teamed up with Gilt to sell their pre-sale tickets! So you better run, better run and get yo’ tickets!

If you are not a member of Gilt, join now & you can buy Foster The People concert tickets here.


Awesome iPhone Cases that are Great White Elephant/Secret Santa Presents

The Holiday Party Season is upon us. The invites to all the Secret Santa and White Elephant parties are pouring in and your goal is to have the coolest, most awesomest gift at the party. You know what your gift should be- an awesome iPhone case!

Anyone who’s anybody has an iPhone these days (Sorry, Android folks). And they love it so much that they would do anything to protect it. Enter the iPhone case. On one hand it covers and hides the beauty of the gorgeous product that is the iPhone; On the other hand it protects it from scratches and cracks. So if using an iPhone case is the only way to protect and shield, then why not make sure those cases are outstanding.

Check out these glorious iPhone cases we found for your gifting pleasures all under $40! Continue reading

Spotlight: Vince Camuto Heels

If only the word “Drool-worthy” held merit to describe these hiheels. I spotted Vince Camuto hiheels in one of my 3 magazines that I read on my flight back from Burbank yesterday evening.

Did I like these hiheels? Well, lets just say my eyes had a little wet dream. That’s what she said ..

These shoes are edgy yet feminine, fashionable yet funky – EXACTLY like our readers! Vince Camuto, you did good, sir. So while you’re out handling the holiday shopping madness, scope out some of these sexy Continue reading

NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Reached?!

NBA Symbol Blue Red and White

Yup, all of a sudden “All I Want for Christmas” started playing in our heads too when we heard!

Right now the NBA is saying a tentative agreement has been reached, and if so, the season will be back on Dec. 25, 2011. Merry Flippin’ Christmas!

Stay tuned to for more updates!

We’ll see you at a game near you!!!

The Mitten Motto

Why do we love mittens/glittens/gloves?

A. ‘Mitten’ rhymes with ‘Kitten’

B. Mittens are the hottest new fall/winter accessory

C. They keep those gorgeous manicured hands warm.

D. All of the above.

If you chose A, you know these bloggers LOVE kittens, and therefore anything that rhymes with the word is a plus! Shoutout to Continue reading

My Obsession with Mustaches #movember

Not sure where to begin about this problem of mine. Here we go: My name is Himani and I’m a Mustachcoholic. I love mustaches, and I don’t mean it like I them on my man (Oh dear, did I just say my man?). I mean I have a strange urge to wear mustaches, or have them be displayed on my clothing. I want to buy mustache stickers, mustache shaped notepads, heck, I’ll even eat mustache shaped candy. If amazon sells it, I will buy it.

So instead of seeking therapy for this problem of mine, my goal is to convince the rest of the world that mustaches are awesome! If you love mustaches even half as much as much as I do, you should sport some of the following goodies with pride. I know I will. Check it: Continue reading

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