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Get In My Belly: Veggie Burgers! A Vegetarian’s Guide To The Best Veggie Burgers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Who has two thumbs and loves veggie burgers? This girl! Yup, I love ‘em and I can eat them every day. Well, as long as they’re not disgusting boca/garden cardboard cutouts that some marketing experts call veggie burgers. So I make it a point to try as many veggie burgers I can around the San Francisco/Bay Area and believe you me, I’ve found some delicious spots in the area. And now you’re about to find out where you should be eating your next veggie burger.

SliderBar Cafe

SliderBar Cafe Palo Alto CA veggie slider Multigrain Bun, Garbanzos, Potatoes, Onions, Sun Flower Seeds, Bell Peppers Patty, Mixed Greens, Caramelized Onions & Bell Peppers & Roasted Garlic Sauce pretty please blog

Visit SliderBar Cafe in Palo Alto, CA and try the Vegetarian Slider made with garbanzos, potatoes, onions, sun flower seeds & bell peppers served on a multigrain bun served with mixed greens, caramelized onions & bell peppers & roasted garlic sauce). Yum. Yum.

Los Altos Grill

los altos grill veggie burger best veggie burger in san francisco bay area brown rice beets fries monterey jack cheese pretty please blog

One of my absolute favorite and also the most Continue reading

Drake does it for the Bay: The Motto

Our jam! So ummm, who’s inspired to rock some lime green uggs? #lilweezy

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