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Mens Clothing Drama – What & How To Layer

Oh heyyyy boys! This one is for you.

Layering isn’t just for women, men can also spruce up an outfit with the right layers. Layering always seems like a daunting task. At first, mixing tailored clothing with knits, stripes with more prints, leather with wool all makes you scratch your head and say WTF? Worry not, dear reader, we’re here to help. Get ready for some layerinspiration. It’s going to be all about layering cardigans with more cardigans, wool with suede, sweaters with blazers, denim jackets with coats, Henleys with sweaters, blazers with coats, etc, etc.

So get off your bum and step up your layering game. It’s not hard. Just requires some effort to look well put together. Check out these well layered gentlemen and take a page (or two) from their book.

Grey & Brown

clothing for men grey cardigan brown suede jacet shirt jeans and boots for boys menswear how to dress layers pretty please fashion blog

The 2 cardigan pileup

menswear how to dress for men jeans cardigan tie boots clothing for men pretty please us blog

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New Year’s Eve Outfits: The Night Boys Turn Into Men

I’m sexy and I know it ..

Boys .. Boys .. Boys .. it’s NEW YEARS FREAKIN’ EVE! Or about that time .. time for you all to get suited, booted, and dressed up. We here at Pretty Please are all for our guys looking good .. if we could, we’d go shopping with each and every one of you, but for now, we’ve compiled some looks and items to help you compile your New Years Eve Swag – err look! We have suggestions for our favorites below, so read and go shop!

Vests & Bowties

David Beckham Fashion Clothing Bowtie Vest Trendy Outfit Dressed Up New Years Outfits

New Years Eve is the perfect time to bust out formal pieces, such as vests and bowties, and work them into your look for the evening. The beauty of these pieces is that you can dress them up with the tuxedo look, and you can dress them down, as David Beckham does in the above picture, sans the blazer. Continue reading

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