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Why Dating Sucks Pt. 3

Hi!!! First name, Princess! Last name Raji! PrincessRajiPrincessRaji (who needs a hype man with me around?) 

Pop Quiz time!

So far in my dating blog series we have learned:

a) Where do we even find people to date in the first place?

b) When we do find a potential person – are they even legit enough to date?

c) All of the above

d) Jack shit.

If you answered D.. 

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Why Dating Sucks Pt. 2

Hi Pretty Please Pretties.. Here’s the second part of my blog series for Simply Match Me.. ENJOY!



This is Professor PrincessRaji (Instagram & tweet a girl, geez!) Class is in session, thank  you very much. WAIT!!! Did you read the first post in my series? If you didn’t click here, and pretend you did anyway.

ANYWAY Here we are again with WHY DATING SUCKS PT. 2 – now say you do manage to meet someone amazing at the local Starbucks..

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Let’s set the scene a bit: You’re ordering a grande vanilla chai latte hold the foam, extra pumps of vanilla, and you see this ridiculously amazing looking dude guy checking you out. First thought? Shit, do I have toilet paper on my foot? Is my hair a mess? IS HE STARING AT MY MESSY HAIR? Whoa.. why is he walking over to me? OMG, DID I FORGET TO WEAR PANTS – AM I DREAMI- IS THIS A DREAM. WAKE UP. WAAAAKE UPPPPP. And all of a sudden he says..


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