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DIY Holloween Costume: How to Make The Best Loofah Costume

I’m so excited to share my Martha Stewart moment with you guys. My Halloween costume for this year was a total DIY experiment and it turned out great! Dressing up as a loofah was not only super fun, it was also ridiculously comfortable! We were stopped multiple times and asked to pose for photos, and obviously we happily obliged (helloooo 5 minutes of fame!)

Loofah Halloween costume bath puff sponge pouff cute sexy costume and how to make it prettyplease

Since a bunch of friends asked, I am going to share how I created the Loofah/bath puff/bath sponge (wtv you call it!) costume. Don’t be afraid of the instructions, it took me 30 minutes to make the entire thing!


I got all of the material at Joann Fabrics. I’m sure any fabric store in your area will carry these items.

  • 25 yards of Matte Tulle (I went with the color cranberry)
  • 1.5 yards of elastic (I got 3/4 inch width but you could go with 1/2 inch as well)
  • 1.5 yard of braided rope

Other stuff:

Step 1:

Start by cutting your 25 yards of tulle into 10 equal length pieces. That means each piece will be 2.5 yards in length. 1 Yard is 3 feet so each individual piece will be 7.5 feet long. (FYI The tulle should come folded in half already, DO NOT unfold it.)

Step 1 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 2:

Take each 2.5 yard piece and fold it into half, then another half. Each piece will now be 0.625 yards in length.

Step 2 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 3:

Take the elastic and cut 1 piece out to fit your waist and another piece out to fit you right below your bust line. Measure these pieces, cut them out and then just tie a tight knot at the end of each piece.

Step 3 of how to make a loofah cutting out the elastic

Step 4: Continue reading

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