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DIY: Chambray White Dress

Saw this on Pinterest and fell in LOVE! An easy and super cute way to wear a white slip and chambray shirt!


Yet another reason why we’re addicted to Pinterest! It teaches busy fashionistas like ourselves fun and new ways to wear some things that are laying around our rooms!

Ciao Bellas!!

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Places & Spaces That Will Make you Want To Redo Your Home Decor

The moment you finish a home decor project, you’ve already found 15 new ideas on Houzz & Pinterest and you’re ready to go again. Well we’re here to help you add more DIY home decor projects to your wish list. You’ll find amazing inspiration to redo your bedroom, kitchen, backyard, closet, etc.

Amazing open closet doorless coset space chevron carpet bedroom decor

twinkle lights bedroom ceiling decoration draped sheets bedroom decor

chalk paint kitchen redo kitchen wall cute kitchen diy ideas

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Easter Egg Manicure: A Colorful and Easy DIY Easter Manicure

Hello Fellow Easter Bunnies!!!

We know you’re preparing for your respective Easter hunts and filling those baskets, but we know you peeps need some cute paws! We created a fun little manicure, which involves 5 pastel nail polishes and a few minutes of your time!

easter egg manicure pastel nail polish for easter easter pastel manicure spring pastel manicure colors nail polish for spring easter diy nail art diy pastel nail art diy spring nailpolish haute as hello essie nailpolish coral nailpolish coral pastel nailpolish raise awareness essie nailpolish pastel pink essie nailpolish nice is nice essie nailpolish lavender pastel nail polish mint nail polish mint urban outfitters smush mint nailpolish la girls flare pastel yellow nailpolish pretty please us pretty please us blog prettyplease.us prettyplease.us blog DIY nail art DIY nailpolish

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Pretty Nails & Toesies: Hot Pink & Purple Faded Nails

hot pink diy nails glitter diy nails hombre nails hot pink nail polish hot pink jackie oh nail polish color club london nails ince bloomsbury square purple hot pink glitter nails diy nail art pretty nails pretty please us blog pretty please blog diy nail art heart nails


hot pink diy nails glitter diy nails hombre nails hot pink nail polish hot pink jackie oh nail polish color club london nails ince bloomsbury square purple hot pink glitter nails diy nail art pretty nails

and you’re invited! 

This nailpolish party features Bloomsbury Square Special Effects 3D Glitter by Nails Inc (which is available at Sephora here for $9.50) and Jackie Oh! by The Color Club for $8.00.

Now, if Jackie Oh! by The Color Club looks familiar to you readers, then you’re right! I’ve written about it before in my March Birchbox Haul!  The minute I saw this color, I was dying to paint my nails and this is the manicure I came up with!


Get Organized : How to Organize Your Scarves

If you’re like me, you have your scarfs crumpled up in a drawer. The problem with that is that if you’re not able to see all your scarves you end up only wearing the ones that are on top while the ones on the bottom start seeing some sort of scarf therapist for all the “my mommy doesn’t give me any attention” issues. So I’ve decided that I need to do something about it, and so should you.

Here are some options to organize your scarves:

A Tie or Belt Hanger to the Rescue Continue reading

5 Fabulous DIY Nails Tutorials

Do you know how much a manicure costs? Yeah, they’re expensive. Plus if you want any fancy nail art then expect paying twice as much as a regular ol’ manicure. If you’re like me, you’re a little hesitant to spend $50 every month on getting your nails done. “But Himani, It’s the holidays! Live a little!” Umm exactly, it’s the holidays! I need the money to buy presents and you know, a nice dress for NYE. So I’d rather take all the money I saved this year NOT getting manicures and go shopping.

But just because I love shopping doesn’t mean I don’t like my nails to look oh so purrrty. Check out some of my favorite DIY Nail Tutorials that will get any manicure-getting-girl jealous!

The Mixed Metal Manicure

mixed metal manicure

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