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How To Make Your Manicures Last Longer

You go to the salon, you stand in front of the huge rack of nail polishes and you carefully pick a color that you want the nice ladies to carefully paint on your fingers. You sit there still as she paints your fingers oh so perfectly. Then you wait, you sit and wait to make sure that the polish dries. You’re a happy camper! And a few days later you notice this:

how to keep the nailpolish on longer keep nailpolish from chipping tips and tricks for nailpolish manicures prety please

This happens to me every time! The hand washing, working with weights at the gym, the showering, it all works together like an army of one to make sure that my nail polish starts fading on the top.  It’s super frustrating to realize that a couple of days ago you paid someone $25 bucks to do this. And I definitely can’t keep going back to get manicures the moment I see a chip in my nail polish, nor do you ever have the same color you picked at the salon at home to just fix the chip. So I have a little trick that helps hide the chipping. Continue reading

5 Fabulous DIY Nails Tutorials

Do you know how much a manicure costs? Yeah, they’re expensive. Plus if you want any fancy nail art then expect paying twice as much as a regular ol’ manicure. If you’re like me, you’re a little hesitant to spend $50 every month on getting your nails done. “But Himani, It’s the holidays! Live a little!” Umm exactly, it’s the holidays! I need the money to buy presents and you know, a nice dress for NYE. So I’d rather take all the money I saved this year NOT getting manicures and go shopping.

But just because I love shopping doesn’t mean I don’t like my nails to look oh so purrrty. Check out some of my favorite DIY Nail Tutorials that will get any manicure-getting-girl jealous!

The Mixed Metal Manicure

mixed metal manicure

Continue reading

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