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The Mitten Motto

Why do we love mittens/glittens/gloves?

A. ‘Mitten’ rhymes with ‘Kitten’

B. Mittens are the hottest new fall/winter accessory

C. They keep those gorgeous manicured hands warm.

D. All of the above.

If you chose A, you know these bloggers LOVE kittens, and therefore anything that rhymes with the word is a plus! Shoutout to Continue reading

Halloween Do’s & Don’ts

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. It’s one of the most guilt-free holidays ever- unlike New Years Eve where you make promises to yourself about starting on that carb-free diet, or Christmas where you make sure to keep track of who’s naughty and nice. Seriously?! Halloween is the free-for-all  Woodstock of all holidays, where you get to dress up as virtually anything, in virtually nothing (for females and some males)! Take advantage of this seductively spooky upcoming holiday where you get a trick or even a treat for just being an imaginative lil’ freak.

DO Dress Sexy. (Sexy – ye of little to none clothing) Continue reading

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