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Desserts That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Hi, my name is Himani and I’m a sugar addict. But the only thing that holds me back from devouring a sinful concoction is if it looks super cute. You know… because cute desserts deserve to live longer than the ugly ones (I’m going to some sort of sugar-y hell for that one). Check out some of the cute desserts that you will think twice before you put them in your belly:

Football themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries (purchase) or (make your own). Go 49ers!

football chocolate covered strawberries

Pink Ombré Cake (how to)

Pink Ombre cake

Bride & Groom Cookies (purchase)

bride and groom cookies

Glittering Sandwich Cookies (how to)

Snowman Shots. Eat ‘em before they melt! (how to)

Snowman Shots icecream fudge

Rudolf Cake Pops (how to)

rudolf nose cake pops

Lastly, Tiffany’s inspired cake pops!

tiffanys cake pops blue

Here are some lunchbox creations you’ll feel guilty about chomping down!

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