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Bang Bang Bang: Clip On Bangs & Extensions for a New Fringe

BANG BANG BANG! And we are not the fireworks you heard on New Year’s Eve folks .. or a lyric from a rap song ..

Zooey Deschanel Joseph Gordan Levitt blunt bangs long black hair short black hair brown hair haircut with bangs layers with side swept bangs hairdos with bangs short hairstyles long hairstyles with bangs how to do hair with bangs clip on bangs clip in hair extensions

Bangs are hot, and the ‘500 Days of Summer‘ Hottie, Zooey Deschanel proves it in the above photo. They are also scary as all hell. We have always fantasized with the idea of cutting our hair and getting blunt, forward facing bangs. Then, we wake up and realize we also have commitment issues.


I’m sorry what? You wanna bang –

Ahem, yes. Continue reading

Short Hair? Don’t Care!

Long Hair, don’t care? I have to admit, I stopped caring for my long hair over about a month ago. I had a fling with the California Indie-hair phenomenon, ombre - where I had lighter tips and darker roots. It was cute for a while, until I realized how terribly damaged the ends of my hair looked and felt. I have rather manageable hair, but the dried roots had began to take their toll.

I’m not going to lie, for a long while, I was loving the slightly curled/wavy Kim Kardashian look, but with all the bad publicity surrounding her divorce (and my damaged locks), I was ready for a change. Not a drastic change, but a good change. Continue reading

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