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Get Organized: The Bathroom Edition

beautiful gorgeous clean bathrooms colored walls turquoise red rest mirror eclectic bathroom organized bathroom

If I kept tabs on the time I spend in different rooms in my house, I bet my bathroom would be in the top 3! (For tips to organize your own room click here!) The time I spend doing my hair, makeup, deciding on and rejecting outfits definitely adds up. So why do I spend that time in a messy area where it takes me at least 2-3 minutes untangling cords, kicking things out of the way, etc. WHYYY?!

Enter New Years Resolution to organize my life! I want to stop wasting time looking for things that always seem to be lost, and instead spend that time, oh I don’t know, reading a book or writing more blog posts =p

Here are 3 things I’ll be doing to pimp out my bathroom. Xzibit would be so proud. Continue reading

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