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DIY Holloween Costume: How to Make The Best Loofah Costume

I’m so excited to share my Martha Stewart moment with you guys. My Halloween costume for this year was a total DIY experiment and it turned out great! Dressing up as a loofah was not only super fun, it was also ridiculously comfortable! We were stopped multiple times and asked to pose for photos, and obviously we happily obliged (helloooo 5 minutes of fame!)

Loofah Halloween costume bath puff sponge pouff cute sexy costume and how to make it prettyplease

Since a bunch of friends asked, I am going to share how I created the Loofah/bath puff/bath sponge (wtv you call it!) costume. Don’t be afraid of the instructions, it took me 30 minutes to make the entire thing!


I got all of the material at Joann Fabrics. I’m sure any fabric store in your area will carry these items.

  • 25 yards of Matte Tulle (I went with the color cranberry)
  • 1.5 yards of elastic (I got 3/4 inch width but you could go with 1/2 inch as well)
  • 1.5 yard of braided rope

Other stuff:

Step 1:

Start by cutting your 25 yards of tulle into 10 equal length pieces. That means each piece will be 2.5 yards in length. 1 Yard is 3 feet so each individual piece will be 7.5 feet long. (FYI The tulle should come folded in half already, DO NOT unfold it.)

Step 1 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 2:

Take each 2.5 yard piece and fold it into half, then another half. Each piece will now be 0.625 yards in length.

Step 2 of how to make a loofah costume

Step 3:

Take the elastic and cut 1 piece out to fit your waist and another piece out to fit you right below your bust line. Measure these pieces, cut them out and then just tie a tight knot at the end of each piece.

Step 3 of how to make a loofah cutting out the elastic

Step 4: Continue reading

Halloween Do’s & Don’ts

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. It’s one of the most guilt-free holidays ever- unlike New Years Eve where you make promises to yourself about starting on that carb-free diet, or Christmas where you make sure to keep track of who’s naughty and nice. Seriously?! Halloween is the free-for-all  Woodstock of all holidays, where you get to dress up as virtually anything, in virtually nothing (for females and some males)! Take advantage of this seductively spooky upcoming holiday where you get a trick or even a treat for just being an imaginative lil’ freak.

DO Dress Sexy. (Sexy – ye of little to none clothing) Continue reading

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