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Why Dating Sucks Pt. 2

Hi Pretty Please Pretties.. Here’s the second part of my blog series for Simply Match Me.. ENJOY!



This is Professor PrincessRaji (Instagram & tweet a girl, geez!) Class is in session, thank  you very much. WAIT!!! Did you read the first post in my series? If you didn’t click here, and pretend you did anyway.

ANYWAY Here we are again with WHY DATING SUCKS PT. 2 – now say you do manage to meet someone amazing at the local Starbucks..

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Let’s set the scene a bit: You’re ordering a grande vanilla chai latte hold the foam, extra pumps of vanilla, and you see this ridiculously amazing looking dude guy checking you out. First thought? Shit, do I have toilet paper on my foot? Is my hair a mess? IS HE STARING AT MY MESSY HAIR? Whoa.. why is he walking over to me? OMG, DID I FORGET TO WEAR PANTS – AM I DREAMI- IS THIS A DREAM. WAKE UP. WAAAAKE UPPPPP. And all of a sudden he says..


Click here to read the rest! 

7 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Single

With all things “Valentine” looming around and about, it’s no surprise that many a single guy or gal is going to wonder .. “Why don’t I have someone?” or “Man .. it’s time for me to get laid/hitched/texted back”. Maybe you’re right .. but maybe not! See I’m of a different school of thought. I don’t believe that “single” is synonymous with “miserable”, or “single” means “lonely”. There is beauty in single-dom, so long as you’re confident enough to see it.

Here are my top reasons it’s damn good to be single: Continue reading

5 Ways You Won’t Find Love: Dating Mistakes Prince Charming Hates

Girl meets guy. Guy thinks girl is cute. Guy and Girl start to date. Girl thinks everything is amazing. Guy all of a sudden avoids girl. Girl is confused/heartbroken/in denial.

Enter: Heartbroken Girl

Exit: Prince Charming

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Lets revisit a story.. Cinderella, she danced with Prince C, lost her shoe, and had to leave FAST. Prince Charming meanwhile had a bone(r) to pick with her. He was besotted. Sound like a disaster? Not really, Cinderella worked her charm and her and Prince C lived happily ever after. There’s a lot you can learn from them too.

So here is my list of 5 Dating Mistakes Prince Charming Hates: Continue reading

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