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Optical Illusion – Get Your Skinny On

All the cool people are doing it…looking skinny that is.

Kim Kardashian is doing it in Alexander McQueen:

how to look skinny kim kardashian optical illusion dress Alexander McQueen dress hot kim K hourglass figure pretty please us

Not like Victoria Bekham needs to, but she’s also getting her skinny on in the same Alexander McQueen dress:

Victoria Bekham hot think how to looks skinny optical illusion dress alexander mcqueen dress pretty please us blog

We’ve seen Stella McCartney polka dot panel dresses on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and wannabe celebrities such as Kris Jenner. Oh no she di’ent!

stella mccartney panel polka dot dress jennifer lopez kate winslet skinny dress figure flattering dress pretty please us

Now, not all of us can afford the McQueen & McCartney dresses,  so let’s get our skinny on without making our bank account skinny with these Continue reading

Music to Our Ears .. Jazz Music to Our Ears, That Is

music pictures of people playing instruments playing the saxophone playing the guitar how to play the saxophone how to play the guitar how to play music and record music romantic photo of boy playing music

If talent is our motivation, then music is our bestie. We LOVE having a song on repeat .. From our college days where we’d listen to Mac Dre’s “I’m Feelin Myself” to preparty, to now where we sing at the top of our lungs to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” .. we have a serious gratitude for all kinds of beautiful music. Listen & Enjoy ..

When we first heard Continue reading

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