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37 Different & Unique Ways to Tie A Scarf

Brrrr.. It’s cold in here .. There must be some bloggers in this atmosphere ..


It’s scarf season folks. Time to wrap those necks up with some trendy cute scarves and call it a day. Because we want you to be ahead of your fashion A-game, here are some good resources we’ve compiled to get you scarfin’.

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Get Organized : How to Organize Your Scarves

If you’re like me, you have your scarfs crumpled up in a drawer. The problem with that is that if you’re not able to see all your scarves you end up only wearing the ones that are on top while the ones on the bottom start seeing some sort of scarf therapist for all the “my mommy doesn’t give me any attention” issues. So I’ve decided that I need to do something about it, and so should you.

Here are some options to organize your scarves:

A Tie or Belt Hanger to the Rescue Continue reading

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