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Say Hello to Summer with BiKa Swimwear and Enter Our Very First Giveaway!


We’re so excited to announce our very first giveaway :)

Summer is officially here and we’re ready to get our tan on by the pool! We’ve been busy getting our wardrobe ready for the summer which consists of bathing suits, bathing suits and more bathing suits. And we’re happy to share that we have discovered a new place to get out shopping fix called biKA Swimwear. They carry the most beautiful, exotic and trendy bathing suits/cover ups!

And lucky for you, AmbiKa, the designer of biKA swimwear is giving away this gorgeous handmade cover up that’s going to keep you looking stylish by the poolside.

biKa swimwear summer manorama cover up pretty please blog giveaway

biKa swimwear Manorama cover up -  $220

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Shoes On My Mind: Zara Asymmetric Court Pumps

*yay* for pointy toe pumps for coming back into style, *wahnnn* for the ones I want being sold out. I’m talking about the sold out (previous season) Zara Asymmetric Court pumps. Sad face. Obviously I want what you can’t have. The original pair was priced < $50 and now they’re going for >$150 on ebay. These are gorgeous and such a fabulous twist on the classic black pumps.

zara asymmetic court black leather pumps pretty please

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Ring the Alarm: I Heart My Above The Knuckle Rings

Got my Etsy package in the mail on Friday! That means presents for every body!! Actually no, it means presents for me. Finally got my above the knuckle rings that I’ve been yearning for since October 2011.

There are two reasons why it took me so long to get my hands on them: 1. I don’t shop at the mall so finding a ring that fits in person was not going to be possible & 2. I didn’t know my above the knuckle ring size to purchase it online until I went to a jewelry party thrown by my friend from Emkay Diamonds. Thanks to those guys I found out my ring size (hint hint boyfriend) but also learned that I needed to order a size 2 or 1.5 (depending on the finger) for the ring to fit above the knuckle.

I purchased my rings on Etsy. I purchased two to start with to make sure they fit and I liked the quality. I’ll definitely going back for more! I’m so happy with my purchase, I’ve been showing off my rings to everyone and I’ve gotten so many compliments about how unique they are. I would highly recommend getting some.

above the knuckle rings rihanna rings above knuckle silver rings etsy ring gray and yellow nail polish pretty please

above the knuckle rings rihanna rings above knuckle silver rings etsy ring gray and yellow nail polish pretty please

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Most Wanted: My January 2012 Wish List

So I’ve imposed a NO SHOPPING embargo on myself for the month of January. Guess what happens when you add dumb no-shopping clauses in your life contract, you become a raging i-drool-cuz-i-cant-shop-aholic. I’ve been filling up so many carts on so many websites that I’ve lost count. I’m having major withdrawals and doing this Most Wanted blog post has become a therapeutic exercise. Now I haven’t done one since October because in November & December I went a little ape shit with shopping in the name of Saint Nicholas. But since this month I’m now allowed to buy anything, all I can and will be doing is making lists. Wahn :-(
My Most Wanted List for January: Continue reading

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