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Yerba Buena Gardens in the Rain

So.. It’s no joke that I’m a little direction-dyslexic. Two weeks ago, after I got my hair cut at Cinta Salon in SF, I ended up on a mini-adventure. I was trying to walk back from Union Square to the Jesse Street Garage next to the gorgeous Four Season’s Hotel. Long story short, I got lost, and in a roundabout way decided to take advantage of a little San Francisco SOMA tour of my own.

Here are some photos from my adventure:

Beard Papa’s SOMA SF, CA

beard papas pastry caramel chocolate creme puffs

I ordered 6 cream puffs: 3 caramel filled + 3 chocolate filled. Oh, and I didn’t stop there, of course, I ordered the cheesecake tiramisu because I’m gluttonous like that. I strongly suggest stopping by here if sugary eats are your thing. For my Yelpers out there Continue reading

Travelista’s Guide to Packing Light

If you’re like us, you don’t even know what packing light really is. I’m the type of person that *has* to pack an India sized suitcase (you know what I mean if you’re Indian) for a weekend trip. Basically one of those large suit cases that can never be considered a carry-on.

Anywho, I found this awesome guide by Travelista on How to Pack Light. My goal is to not compromise my outfits and, at the same time, not injure my back lugging my suitcase around. So I’m definitely going to be referring to this guide for my next trip. Take a look and learn something people! Also if you have any tips you’d like to share, lets us know. We’d love to learn from you.

A guide to packing light. Pack Light 101

Travelista goes into a few details on how to become that light packer you wish you were. She has suggestions like choosing versatile clothing and footwear, sticking to simple color schemes so it’s easy to mix and match, wearing bulkier items on travel days, packing a lot of accessories to increase your outfit options, etc.

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